Bin Laden Raid Provides Answers and Raises Questions

By LCR contributor Barrell Rider

As information on the Bin Laden raid continues to go public, the tactical prowess of U.S. Special Forces, in particular U.S. Navy Seal Team Devgru (A.K.A. Seal Team Six) shines through the night. The U.S. intelligence community has also done a brilliant job.

One can only imagine the diligence and fortitude of those involved, from the boots on the ground, the delivery pilots, the mission specialist and all the way up to the military brass and the POTUS himself. Bravo Zulu.

It is also appropriate to reflect back over the past decade and to recognize those who paved the way for this culminating and defining event. It is important to realize these results were paid for by the lives of many brave Americans, and were only made possible through military intervention and salient risk.

Some day they may very well make a movie documenting the incredible effort and subsequent raid that lead to the death of the face of global terror.

Two helicopters delivered between 30-40 Navy Seals under the shroud of darkness and the entire ground operation lasted approximately 40 minutes. It seems that most of the time on the ground was spent gathering intelligence and evidence following a brief firefight. One U.S. helicopter suffered a malfunction of some sort and made what is called a ‘hard landing’. The helicopter was ditched and destroyed by U.S. forces. The remaining helicopter carried all ground personnel back to safety.

The demise of Bin Laden brings a sense of justice. It also sends a message that the U.S. will not only win any tactical encounter, but can also win the war of attrition. At a time when many Americans are fatigued from the ongoing conflicts in the Middle East, this symbolic moment defines the essence of American courage, resolve and strength. Indeed weary Americans have been awaken, revived, invigorated and a bit more clairvoyant on our mission to squash out threats to our way of life. This is undoubtedly a huge boost to the morale of our armed forces globally.

There is mounting evidence that officials in Pakistan may have known about Bin Laden’s whereabouts. The bin Laden compound was literally within walking distance from the Kakul Military Academy, the most prestigious in Pakistan. The neighborhood of Abbottabad is a relatively affluent area heavily populated by current and former members of that country’s military and intelligence establishment. The million-dollar compound was built in 2005 and was by far the largest in the neighborhood. It was also quite conspicuous with 10-18 foot high concrete walls protected by barbed wire.

Pakistan was not involved in the mission and was notified of the operation only after its completion. The United States gives Pakistan approximately 3 billion a year to fund anti-terrorism. If it is proven the government of Pakistan knew of Bin Laden’s location then the blood of many Americans is now at the hand of Pakistan. They essentially aided and abetted the most wanted man on the planet. By offering safe harbor to such an individual they violated several international laws and are effectively in the same category as Iraq/Afghanistan circa 2001. This will pose a difficult dilemma for the United States, such an act cannot go unpunished.

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  1. This is one issue where all libertarians and conservatives can agree, from pro-defense libertarians to the most strident anti-war libertarians; from social conservatives to defense conservatives.



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