Bewildering Blogger Blowup Brouhaha

by the Left Coast Rebel

As I am sure all of you are aware, performed "maintenance" that locked out each and every administrator across the world from their sites...frankly I'm not sure what happened or what they did but the end result was that you, me, and millions of others (I think there are millions of blogs) were dragged away kicking and screaming from doing what we love doing day in and day out (for mere pennies a day, too!)...

Things will be back to normal here soon and we thank you for your patience!

PS: Just 3 days of being forced out of the nonstop political cycle feels very unbecoming...does that mean that I am addicted? Also, I get the feeling that this blogger blackout was very similar to what the internt "kill switch" would be like...

Updated: At American Power, "Althouse Taken Down??"


  1. I'm wondering if they got hacked.

  2. It's possible, seemed they were very ambiguous as to an explanation...

    "routine maintenance" doesn't cut it.

  3. PS: Did you see that Althouse went "poof!" What gives?

  4. I'm inclined to agree with your "kills witch" theory... But addicted is not what comes to mind. We are becoming 'dependent' or relying on it.


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