Arizona Seeks Private Funding For Border Fence
If you build it, they won't come

by LCR Contributor Barrel Rider

Officials in the state of Arizona are once again taking the task of border security into their own hands. Governor Jan Brewer has approved a bill to establish a website and marketing campaign to raise private donations which will be used to construct a border fence.

Details of the fence are not yet know, but estimates by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) have pegged costs ranging from 400 thousand to 15 million dollars per mile, depending on geography, fence type and labor costs.

The state of Arizona has successfully raised more than $3.7 million dollars online and through mailed donations since May 2010 to fund their appeal of a judge’s ruling to block major components in SB 1070.

Some ideas that are being discussed to save costs are using inmates from the department of corrections who will earn 50 cents per hour, competitive bidding could also help lower construction costs.

The U.S.-Mexican border ranges approximately 2,000 miles and contains around 650 miles of fence, nearly half of which is in Arizona. Arizona’s 376-mile border with Mexico is the most heavily used by illegals for human and drug trafficking.

Border fences have been proven to help curtail illegal immigration and smuggling. Similar fences have had success in both California and Arizona.

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