All that Glitters is not Presidential

By Proof

Eggs at Sarah Palin, Breitbart and the Tea partiers, pies at Ann Coulter, and now, confetti at Newt. Must all liberals act like petulant two year olds?

Pretty sloppy security to let this guy pull who-knows-what out of his bag in front of a presidential candidate!

BTW, I'm sure no one is editorializing, but "Anti-gay event"? Please!

H/T Memeorandum

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  1. RE: "Must all liberals act like petulant two year olds?"
    ...probably, they are notorious for
    not carrying firearms...

  2. I'm no fan of Newt, I think he's a closet liberal, especially over spending, but these libtards show their evil and stupity. They hate Bush even though he did more for their causes that Bill Clinton ever could in his wettest of dreams and paved the way for the first Marxist President. Now a closet lib like Newt gets bash for being anti-gay. The way they behave, I'm starting to wonder if anti-gay, like being islamophobic, is really a bad thing.


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