What Huffington Post needs is a Union and I’m starting one!

By Sam Foster

Only a few short days ago, Arianna Huffington was made subject to a lawsuit for having subjected a large number of middle-class Americans to “Writer Mills” where free-loving Americans were duped by the rich into writing for free so that rich liberals could get richer!

Today, I am discouraged by the mocking tone and anti-huffington post worker rhetoric Arianna has on her site. Dare I say that her comments have far surpassed that of Scott Walker and we all know that the only solution to anti-worker, Scott Walkerism is massive unionization. If there is any movement that pays Huffington Post writers their fair share, I want to be the leader of that movement.

Today, I am going to be submitting paperwork with the Labor Relations Board to create the very first bloggers union. Federation of Unions Against Rongs, Injustices, Avarice and Nurples Now America or FU-ARIANNA. Our first target will be; you guess it, the Huffington Post.

Channeling the UFCW in my very first union statement and press release about the lawsuit below:

“This week, before a district court, legal representatives for thousands of Huffington Post bloggers stood up for the right to fairly challenge the years of inequality these writers experienced in the workplace.

“FU-ARIANNA stands with all Huffington Post writers as they strive to secure the respect in the workplace they deserve. However, Arianna Huffington’s response to this case – that the lawsuit is too stupid for justice – threatens not only the rights of the Huffington Post writers, but the rights of all bloggers, male and female, who seek fair treatment and respect at work.

“FU-ARIANNA is committed to the idea that all workers should receive equal treatment. Huffington Post’s “Writer Mill” practices stood in the way of this goal – resulting in bloggers being paid less than their paid colleagues. The court must rule to uphold the right of bloggers to make a fair wage for their work, allowing the case to move forward as a class action lawsuit. A jury can then consider the merits of the charges brought against Huffington Post.”

I entreat the bloggers of Huffington Post to join me by filling out a harmless little card I’ve prepared. In doing so, every signer will be entered to win a new car. With these innocuous cards signed, you will do more for yourself than potentially winning a brand new coal powered Chevy Volt, you will guarantee the representation that you are entitled to through automatic deductions from your paychecks.

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