(VIDEO) St. Louis, Missouri Tornado 2011, Lambert Airport Security Video

by the Left Coast Rebel

From RT:

Security cameras video released by Lambert Airport shows dramatic pictures of the tornado that hit St. Louis on Friday. The airport reopened on Saturday night for a handful of arriving flights, and officials expected around 70 percent of the scheduled arrivals and departures to go on as planned early on Sunday. Some 750 homes in the St. Louis region were damaged, and less than 100 were uninhabitable, by the 128 kilometres per hour (80 miles per hour) tornado, officials said.

Updated: This ain't Kansas any more!

YouTube video of people in the airport watching the storm (some laughing at the scene), and then being rushed to take cover inside the Terminal 2 at Lambert Airport:

Scary stuff and shocking that no one was killed.

Here in California we have earthquakes and apocalyptic wildfires but at least we don't deal with anything like this!


  1. The scary part was looking at the size of those windows and watching clueless people walk up to them to take pictures. It was like one of those teen slasher movies. I kept wanting to yell at the screen, "Don't go there! Get out now!"

  2. Hey look, a tornado! Let's stand right in front of these HUGE PLATE GLASS WINDOWS and watch it.



    "This is Darwin calling. It's time."

    Seriously people, did you check your brains in your luggage?


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