(VIDEO) Oilville, Virginia Supercell/Tornado, April 27, 2011

by the Left Coast Rebel

I guess this is tornado watch here at LCR: being that I am in a comfortable position on the West Coast, I have the luxury of sitting back and checking out the Youtube tornado videos. Of course, our thoughts and prayers go out to those adversely affected.

This video was shot by a photographer/videographer named William T. Hark, Oilville, Virginia (northwest of Richmond) a "mothership supercell" :hat looks like something out of the Lord of the Rings:

William T. Hark leaves the following description at his Youtube page:
I found this amazing supercell and tornado while chasing in Virginia on April 27, 2011. I initially followed a tornado-warned storm to near Triangle, VA. I lost it in the Washington area traffic.

While heading back, there were more storms southwest of Richmond. I picked the southernmost storm and intercepted it on 250 near Oilville. The supercell structure was amazing. I navigated closer to the storm expecting to see a tornado and was rewarded with one crossing Route 250 just to the west of Oilville a 8:10PM.

I usually chase storms across Tornado Alley and I rarely have a chance to chase in Virginia. Hopefully, there wasn't significant damage from this tornado. For more tornado and storm videos along with butterfly, comet and tornado images, see my storm chase website: www.harkphoto.com. All video is available for licensing and video from 2008 onward is in HD.

Being that I have one foot out the door in my upcoming move to Richmond, the video above is disturbing, to say the least. I'm not one to trade in So-Cal's wildfires and earthquakes for madness like this!

More at Memeorandum and Google Trends.

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  1. This is very unusual for Richmond. That area doesn't get very much rain much less, weather like this.


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