Stop "The Donald".... He's No Conservative, or Libertarian

by: Les Carpenter
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For anyone who finds themselves thinking "The Donald" is either conservative or Libertarian you might want to reconsider and do some homework on your own.

"The Donald", as Mark Levin's list of candidates that Trump has contributed to shows, is no conservative or Libertarian. He is either a wolf in sheep's clothing or just a self promoting pompous a*s. In "The Donald's" case there is more than initially meets the eye.


"The Donald" is gaining popularity in a field of  generally less than exciting or qualified Republican candidates. He is certainly's not the only Republican in the current field of declared and potential candidates that lacks the real conservative or Libertarian bona fides to carry the conservative banner. He is however one of the most dangerous to the conservative and Libertarian cause.

The rightscoop has more goods (and another video) on "The Donald"

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  1. The Chump scares me. The Chump would be a worse choice than John McLame

  2. I understand your concerns about him, and I do have some anxiety about his position on trade with China. Nonetheless, I have a strangely optimistic hope that if he is elected as a Republican, he will act as a fiscal conservative in office. Maybe it's just that our current president is so far from ideal, I automatically like all other options.

  3. fuzzys dad - You say it so mater of fact. And you are right.

  4. objectivist - There is a part of me that really truly would like to find grounds on which to share your optimism.

    However, the man is a big spender and much closer to the liberal spending statist mentality than he and his supporters would have the nation believe.

    In my book he is the "wolf in sheep's clothing." Or put another way, a fraud.

    If you want real change look to Ron Paul and others that share his vision.

  5. I heard him talking to Rush and said he gave money to Rahms campaign. Not a good sign.
    I would never give to my opponents! I prefer he stay where he is or show me he is at least a supporter of conservatives...


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