“Path to Prosperity: America’s Two Futures, Visualized” (Video) from Congressional Budget Committee

By T. Christopher, Republican Redefined

As noted here at LCR and RR, Paul Ryan unveiled his Path to Prosperity proposal Tuesday which aims to cut $6.2 trillion in spending over the next ten years. It is by all accounts comprehensive in every sense of the word reaching into everything from Medicaid to the Defense budget. With the scope being rather hard to grasp, or even quantify in real or actual terms, the Congressional Budget Committee has prepared a video presentation that lays the whole thing out in relative simple terms. Take a look.

Here’s the full proposal outline just in case you’re the type that prefers the long version…

H/T Cubachi:

Via Memeorandum. More on Ryan's plan at Republican Redefined here.

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  1. It's nice he's taking on the issue. I have not heard Democrats take it on. It would be nice to hear Democrats say, "We agree. Will you agree to cut to military spending to the sum of the spending of the top-spending other two countries?"

    Democrats like to spend money supposedly aimed at helping good people. Republicans like to spendon on things supposedly aimed at punishing bad people. We need both side to give up some of each.



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