The Parallels: Gary Aldrich's, "Unlimited Access and Obama's Birth Certificate

by Eric Dondero, Libertarian Republican

The year was 1996. An FBI Agent named Gary Aldrich quit the force after 26 years and released a book called "Unlimited Access: An FBI Agent Inside the Clinton White House." He alleged wild sex parties in the White House. He even reported on hot rumors within the White House of the President having Sex with staffers.

He was called a "kook," a "rightwing extremist." His book was written off as pure trash, even though it was a bestseller.

Of course, a little more than a year later, information began to surface that President Clinton had had a longtime illicit affair with a White House intern named Monica Lewinsky. More allegations soon came out of wild sex acts within the Oval Office involving cigars, and other "sex toys."

Aldrich was completely vindicated. But he never really got credit outside of conservative media circles. No mea culpas from the liberal media, No media types stepped forward to admit they were wrong. No big interviews for Aldrich on the major networks congratulating him for being right all along.

Rather he just faded into obscurity.

Fast forward to 2011. For years, going way back to the 2004 US Senate race in Illinois there have been serious allegations about Barack Hussein Obama's mysterious background. Documents seem to be missing; college transcripts, published articles of editorials, even a missing birth certificate.

Democrats and liberal media claim "it exists," it's just not accessible due to Hawaii law. Yet, newly-elected Governor Neal Abercrombie failed to locate the document after an extensive search. He had vowed that he would "put an end to the issue once and for all."
Liberals lie. In 1996 and '97 the liberal media circled the wagons around Clinton. Til the bitter end they insisted that the President couldn't have possibly had sex with "that tramp Monica."

When it all finally came out that Clinton had been lying all along they just got mum. They moved along to other matters quicker than you could say "Montecristo."
Today the liberal media and Democrat politicians are lying through their teeth over the missing Obama birth certificate. They are now in full-fledged attack mode against Donald Trump (Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann). Like they labeled Aldrich, they are calling Trump and others asking questions about Obama's highly suspicious background, as "far-out kooks," and fringe figures who shouldn't be believed.

Par for the course. But worse are the so-called conservatives and libertarians who are siding with the liberal media and politicians on the birth certificate issue.

Take your average Ron Paul supporter for instance; largely silent on Obama's background. Even worse, some Ron Paulists are even joining in with the trashing of Trump, Palin and Bachmann.

One wonders what the Paulists, and other so-called conservatives and libertarians who believe Obama's story hook, line and sinker, will say when Trump and others finally expose the truth.

It will be Aldrich redux. The only difference this time is that Trump will not fade away. He's more likely to be elected our next President.

Eric Dondero is a former senior congressional staffer from Texas. He is currently a political consultant specializing on ballot access and initiatives. And is publisher of

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  1. "...He's more likely to be elected our next President."

    We'll have to wait and see if "The Donald" ultimately runs.

    Hoping he doesn't, but given the penchant Americans have for hyperbole and lack of substance there will be plenty encouraging him to so so.

    If he throws his hat into the ring, and if he wins the Rebub. nomination, he will most likely lose the general election against Barrack Hussein Obama.

  2. Interesting read! And I have said elsewhere that I cannot understand why conservatives and libertarians are taking swipes at one another when there is so much more that requires our focus!
    So Sarah Palin made a few gaffs! Does that mean she doesn't have love for country and way of life? Does the MSM need our help in discrediting people fighting for our freedoms?
    We gotta stick together! You have to recognize that the opposition is well organized... But I believe we outnumber them!
    It's time to open up a can of...

  3. John - Opening the can really brought a smile! ;)


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