The "ONE" to Announce His Reelection Bid Next Week

by: Les Carpenter
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Barrack Obama is planning to announce his reelection campaign next week. With all the electronic firepower available, he will begin receiving donations to support and finance his reelection bid.

It is anticipated that his fundraising could generate upward of one billion dollars. Sure is comforting to know that it is not the best and brightest that get elected to our nations highest office. Rather it is about the money, and who has the best {and often corrupt} campaign strategist.

Such has become modern presidential politics. And the same holds true for both major parties. It is the reason no third {or fourth} party could ever stand a chance. And the truth is no matter which major party candidate is elected the results are still the same.

  • Ever increasing annual deficits.
  • A ballooning national debt level.
  • Increasing unfunded liabilities. {Currently exceeding 106 trillion dollars}
  • A stagnant or shrinking manufacturing base.
  • More businesses off-shoring their operations.
  • Continued military interventions that serve no national {or rational} interest.
  • Private sector employment decreasing and public sector {government} employment increasing. Currently public sector has outpaced private sector employment.
  • An increasing wage gap between the highest wage earners and the middle class and low income wage earners.
  • An economy whose house is built on sand, can collapse at any moment.

I could go on and on. But the darling of the left, Barrack Hussein Obama will likely get reelected. Not because he is the best or brightest but because he is "admired and loved" by the left. No matter his inconsistencies {Libya, and cozying up to Wall Street} and inability to control unnecessary and unneeded government spending.

Given the current slate of "potential" republican candidates, it looks like we may be in for, well, more of the same Bush/Obama agenda. Perhaps a solid candidate with real conservative bona fides will surface and take this center right nation by storm by offering real change. Right now it is looking bleak.

Since money buys elections the 750 million to 1 billion the Obama campaign is projecting to raise may be an insurmountable obstacle to any challenger to overcome. Even if they are the better qualified person to hold the office.

Read the POLITICO report here.

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