OFA was widening the margin of voter fraud in WI

By Sam Foster

Back in December, I wrote a Pajama’s Media article warning the right about a new trending in the margin of Democrat voter fraud.

Thus far, the majority of voter fraud cases that are being investigated involve the groups and organizations standing at the gateway. But brace yourselves, because the culture of fraud is clearly in place and it is extensive. Gone are the days where voter fraud involved a couple of people with a trunk full of ballots, and here are the days where the severity of instances will be measured by the number of perpetrators.

The Prosser-Kloppenburg was absolutely rife with voter fraud carried out by a large number of individuals. One scam in particular seems to have involved student voting:

BREAKING VOTER FRAUD: Poll workers conducting registration on election day, voting, then registering again to vote. High school students registering other high school students under 18. When complained, the poll worker said mind your own business.

It appears that this may have been heaviest in the liberal safehaven of Dane County, where Madison is located. Kloppenburg's margin was over 100,000 more than Prosser. During the count last night the county 'accidentally' added 10,000 additional votes to her total before retracting them.

There is a good roundup of all shenanigans via Da Techguy. But, no one should be surprised, because voter fraud is a mere feature to the advocacy of far left organizations.

For example, OFA was one of the biggest progressive organizations organizing in WI over the last few months. They have a whole page detailing parts of voting laws that can easily be exploited for fraud.

Are you a non-resident, college student? Here’s how you go vote via OFA’s website:

In the weeks before elections, college campuses are often swamped with false rumors and incorrect facts about the voting rights of students, particularly those students whose parents live outside of Wisconsin. This document sets the record straight: All Students Can Vote!

There is an egregious lie in the statement above. Oh yes, WI has very loose election laws and to a degree there is truth that out-of-state students may be able to vote, but there is one small, but very important detail that is conveniently left out of the entire OFA page of WI voting information; a page very detailed about the weaknesses in WI voting law and short on voting restrictions:


So no, you cannot just vote LEGALLY, because you are a student in WI when you are registered already in your home state.

Double registration was the big fraud in NY-1 where Democrats prevailed in the closest house race of 2010. The culprit in this case was another leftwing organization known as Countryvote.org which was advocating “strategic voting” by those with dual homes in different congressional districts. The problem is that this little nuance of double registration was not important to point out to voters so a large number voted in two different districts.

Many have already noted that liberal laws like WI, which have lax voting restrictions are a subterfuge for voter fraud, which is true. But, it really misses the overarching goal of liberal democrats which is to make voter fraud available to as many willing socialist activists that want to engage in the immoral practice as possible.

Until liberal organizations are held accountable, expect to see more and more Democrats perpetrating voter fraud.


...and then the left began trumpeting voter fraud, but the conspiracy sounds thin.

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  1. "...and then the left began trumpeting voter fraud".. and who would know about voter fraud most?


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