Obama Uses Far-Left Term "Climate Change Denier" at Fundraiser

by the Left Coast Rebel

Good to see the Campaigner-in-Chief taking using talking points from PMSNBC, Think Progress and other myriad drone-moonbat outlets.

Dear Leader made a campaign stop in California and took on "climate deniers" (aka: anyone that argues against the junk science, moonbat cult and pagan religion of global warming). Unfortunately, California is dominated by global warming Gaia-worshipers so they most-likely opened their wallets as he flapped his lips.

From The Hill:

President Obama called out Capitol Hill’s “climate change deniers” Wednesday night at a Democratic fundraiser in California.

Obama, speaking at a San Francisco event for donors, called rising gasoline prices an economic drain on drivers and said curbing oil reliance is a “national security imperative.”

“And then there’s the environmental aspect of it. There are climate change deniers in Congress and when the economy gets tough, sometimes environmental issues drop from people’s radar screens...”
Related from my piece last year at The Daily Caller, "Global Warming Lies, Damn Lies and Easy Rebuttals."

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Thumbs up, Brock, thumbs up

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  1. Class act, that President of our, class act.


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