Obama: ‘No Excuse’ for Not Reaching Budget Deal

By Proof

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Obama Van Winkle (asleep since October)

At an impromptu news conference at the White House, President Obama said there was “no excuse” for failing to pass a budget for the rest of this year, and that he was no longer willing to accept one short-term deal after another to temporarily keep agencies running.

“I can’t have my agencies making plans on two-week budgets,” he said. “What we are not going to do is once again put off something that should have gotten done months ago.”

How many months ago, Barry? Since Congress has the Constitutional responsibility to have a budget in place before the fiscal year starts in October, who was in charge of Congress last September? Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi! And who was in the White House to grant counsel and leadership and sign the budget once they passed it? Why, that would have been you, Mr. President!

Democrats could have written a budget to give NPR and Sesame Street and Planned Parenthood and Obama's Aunt Zeituni as much money as they wanted without risking a government "shut down" for over a year.

It is disingenuous of the president to imply that Republicans were somehow "dragging their feet" for months, when it was the Democrats who controlled the complete budget process and played political games with it, not willing to commit their spending plans to paper in an election year.

And then, Obama has the chutzpah to tell Republicans not to "play games", in light of the Democrats' un-Constitutional inactivity. Add to that the question, why is it "playing games" for Republicans to ask for cuts in a time of budgetary short falls, but it is not "playing games" for Democrats to insist that every program currently funded be held sacrosanct?

There's a word for that, President Barack H. Obama. It starts with an "H".

The word is "hypocrisy". (Although "demagoguery" would also fit!)

Oh, and speaking of "playing games", which side brings in Big Bird and Elmo to make their case for them? Yeah. Right.

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  1. Tja!One might say that he conveniently contracted amnesia...

  2. Dang, we do this every year in California, so why shouldn't the Fed? Never mind we have the worse budget deficit of all the states in the union, but who's counting at this point?


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