New York Times Miss-titles their article “Afghans Angry Over Florida Koran Burning Kill U.N. Staff”

By Sam Foster

Sure, the murders started angry over this idiot, but they decided to turn the slaughter of innocents into a repudiation of this idiot instead.

Via the NY Times:

Unable to find Americans on whom to vent their anger, the mob turned instead on the next-best symbol of Western intrusion — the nearby United Nations headquarters. “Some of our colleagues were just hunted down,” said a spokesman for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, Kieran Dwyer, confirming that the attack.

In Washington, President Obama issued a statement strongly condemning the violence against United Nations workers. “Their work is essential to building a stronger Afghanistan for the benefit of all its citizens,” he said. “We stress the importance of calm and urge all parties to reject violence.” The statement made no reference to the Florida church or the burning of the Koran.
You can get the lightweight uncritical thinking from Doug Mataconis if you want and if you want more, I’ve got more.

However, there are really two important things going on. First of all, the stupidity of one man should never be more paramount than the slaughter of innocents. Second, Terry Burns’ actions were entirely and utterly irrelevant to begin with. It is only a straw man to justify radical Muslim killings. You’ll notice, with the lack of one scapegoat, they turned to another scapegoat. If the UN had not been there, it would have been sought out Spaniards for the persecution of the Moors or…take your pick.

Allen West does it better than I…

…the accurate title of this article should have been “Radical Muslims angry at non-Muslims find convenient scapegoats and slaughtered innocent lives.”

Via Memeorandum


  1. Sam, good article, but I must take issue with you on Pastor Jones being "stupid." Burning the Koran isn't stupid, it is highly satisfying.

  2. How bout "Floridians Angry Over Afghan Burning Beat UN Staff to death with Korans"

    Serves them right lol

  3. Who's Terry Burns? Freudian slip?

    Three cheers for Terry Jones!


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