New Parlor Game - Let's All Stump the Trump

by Grant Davies

Only a short time ago it would have been hard to imagine that an interesting topic for a blog article would be about a Presidential aspirant who has a rather unsightly cat sitting on his head.

But in the crazy political environment of the last ten years when the electorate decided to hire a "conservative" liberal named George Bush and a "hope for change" socialist community organizer named Barack Obama, who could blame a self promoting egotistical slickster with a TV show from pondering the possibility of throwing his cat into the ring?

Particularly Republicans, who have the world record for selecting dead bang losers for their Presidential candidates. It's not totally out of the question that they will follow up their success on that distinction by choosing someone with name recognition but nothing else. Donald Trump may fit the bill perfectly.

Donald Duck also has the "bill" and the name recognition, but not enough credibility with his uncle Scrooge to finance a credible campaign. Since both are cartoon characters, it might be the only meaningful difference.

But only one of them can actually answer questions about his positions on issues, so let's see if we can ask a few questions that the "journalists" seem to have forgotten while spending most of their time trying to create the carnival atmosphere required to re-elect their favorite big government barker. It's time well spent creating that atmosphere though because if people actually have to focus on job performance, broken promises, failed stimulus plans and rejected (but enacted) healthcare schemes, their hero is the next Jimmah Carter.

The "Donald" (as the creepy Trump likes to be called) is just the vehicle for such a scheme and if I was a conspiracy theorist as the Donald is pretending to be, I'd say he struck a deal with the White House cabal to distract the limited attention of many of the likely voters in the 2012 election. But I'm not, so I won't.

The game is simple, we ask easy questions about Trump's fundamental beliefs and track record and then determine the score by counting the number of times the mainline media doesn't do the same. As you might have guessed, there is no winner.

So here are a few, just to start the game:

1. Mr. Trump, other than President Obama's birth certificate (or lack thereof), please tell us what your main issue is for the campaign. Then tell us specifically what you intend to do about it and how you plan to get the congress and the American people to agree with you. So far there has been no word on the issue much less the solution.

2. Give us your views on the US Constitution. It's relevance, what it allows the federal government to do and please be specific as your interpretation of each item in the bill of rights. It should only take a few moments away from firing apprentices on your "reality" show.

3. How would you approach the budget issues? Short and long term please.

4. Is there a debt crisis looming? And if so, what do you propose?

5. Tell us about the level of taxation and the current system for raising revenues.

6. Tell us specifically how you would be different from the last few Presidents in dealing with foreign affairs, like an atomic Iran, and the ever increasing militarization of China?

7. Can you tell us about your plans to prosecute the three wars we are now engaged in?

8. How will you deal with the illegal immigration issue?

9. Is there an inflation problem of unimaginable significance on the horizon, and if so, what do you propose?

10. You said in an interview a few days back that we should seize the oil fields of Iraq and Libya. Why did you say that?

Bonus question: Do you think that anyone really believes you are a small government Tea Partier?

Finally the question that really has me puzzled. It's to the debatable number of people who have answered "yes" to the poll question about whether they would vote for you or not.

Have you lost your minds? Or are you just planning to vote for "anyone but Obama?"

In either case, as your man Trump says, You're Fired!

(Editor's Note: A financial advisor and resident of Illinois, Grant Davies blogs from a liberty perspective at What we Think and Why)

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  1. I like these questions for The Donald, the question is, would he answer each with, "show me the birth certificate?"


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