MSNBC Guest David Cay Johnston: Paul Ryan a Domestic Terrorist Sympathizer?

by the Left Coast Rebel

MSNBC is a great outlet to catch the occasional common ah-ha absurd leftist Freudian slip or honest admission. The latest faux pas was committed by some leftist fool author and Pulitzer Prize-winning "journalist" named David Cay Johnston. David Cay Johnston thinks that Representative Paul Ryan's (R-WI) affection for late individualist and human liberty defender Ayn Rand likens him to a domestic terrorist -- or in the least, someone that relates to a domestic terrorist.

David Cay Johnston's deductive logic goes like this:

  • Paul Ryan is a big fan of Ayn Rand and instructs those around him to read her work.
  • Ayn Rand wrote The Fountainhead.
  • In The Fountainhead, the fictional hero architect (who embodies many of Rand's ideal man attributes) Howard Roark, sabotages a building because it wasn't built to his specifications.
  • Paul Ryan wants to blow up buildings and kill people because he is a fan of Rand and has a plan to right America's big-government Leviathan (that I don't think is nearly radical enough, but it's a start).

Watch this tool for yourself:

Via Memeorandum.

Updated: I wonder what my friends Les Carpenter and Shane Atwell -- both Objectivists, ie. followers of Ayn Rand -- have to say about this?

Updated x2: Here's Howard Roark's courtroom speech in defense of dynamiting the Cortlandt building. Gary Cooper plays Roark in the 1949 film based on The Fountainhead:

R.D. Walker at The Real Revo summarizes the scene above:
Just to summarize the scene in the Fountainhead… Howard Roark dynamited an empty, unfinished building (Cortlandt) of which he was the architect. No one was killed, no one was hurt. It was empty. Here Roark explains why he did it:

“I did not receive the payment I asked. But the owners of Cortlandt got what they needed from me. They wanted a scheme devised to build a structure as cheaply as possible. They found no one else who could do it to their satisfaction. I could and did. They took the benefit of my work and made me contribute it as a gift. But I am not an altruist. I do not contribute gifts of this nature.”

In other words, he made a deal and did the work for free in exchange for the promise that it be done his way to his satisfaction. That was his payment and when they changed that, they screwed him out of what was his. They appropriated his mind and is ability for a “common good” to which he did not consent. He then took back what he had given them because he didn’t get payment that was agreed upon: doing it his way. He took away something to which they had no right in the first place.

In the novel, Roark was acquitted of all charges against him by a jury in a court of law. That is pure Ayn Rand Objectivsm and it has NOTHING to do with terrorism.

David Cay Johnston, whoever the f&%k he is, is a complete idiot.

Well said.


  1. Your logic is nonsense.

    I did not say and do not think Ryan wants to blow up buildings.

    I said we should dig deeply to understand.

    In his campaign materials a, Mr. Ryan says he wants us to embrace the values of Ayn Rand. And what are those values?

    She was vehemently anti-democracy and anti-religion, hated capitalism and communism, regarded altruism as evil and whose most famous character in his courtroom speech says because of his ego he had the right to blow up someone else's building.

    Imagine for a moment if a politician you dislike said he wanted us to adopt those values. Would you feel the same way?

    I want us to dig into all politicians to understand what motivates them. And all that logically does is mean I want more inquiry -- which is what investigative reporters do.

    In any event, don't make stuff up, just criticize what I actually said. I am sure that without making stuff up you can find plenty to criticize.

  2. davidcay - you said...

    "She was vehemently anti-democracy and anti-religion, hated capitalism and communism, regarded altruism as evil"

    1) Rand was not anti- democratic, this is another falsehood from the left... Prove she was... You can't.
    2) She was an atheist... so what.
    3) Rand hated socialism in general and communism in particular. Just as she hated all forms of collectivism, including racism.
    4) Rand was a radical for laissez faire capitalism, she was far from hating it. That one is a plain out falsehood and shows ignorance of Rand's philosophy.
    5) Yes she regarded altruism as evil. That is because objectively it is. In it's purest form it requires the loss of self, to give up any rational self interest and sacrifice for others. Why? Because in the ethics of altruism everyone is more worthy.

    With all due respect Tim is the logical one here. You may want to actually read the volumes of non fiction books on her ethics and philosophy before you try to characterize her beliefs in a few brief and incorrect representation of her work.

    I doubt you have read much, if anything Rand wrote.

  3. Ayn Rand was above all an individualist and advocate of reason. She was anti-democratic in the sense that she thought every person has certain rights that can't be curtailed or violated just because 51% of the population wants to. As is consistent with her advocacy of reason, she was an atheist. Unfortunately this is controversial. She was an advocate of rational self-interest, i.e. selfishness, and thought that the highest moral purpose for anyone is their own life and happiness.

    Roark did not destroy 'someone else's building'. Roark dynamited Cortland because he considered it HIS. He had designed it and demanded one thing in payment, that the design not be altered. His only satisfaction was to see it built as he received no money. He was defrauded, the plans altered and he did the only thing he thought right, he blew it up. He injured noone and stayed on scene to turn himself in. His act was not that of a terrorist, but that of a person defending their property and their right to be compensated. His act was selfish, it was a demand for payment and a refusal to be a sacrificial victim.

    To say that Rand is somehow a threat to 'other people's' property is absurd. She's probably the staunchest defender of property rights ever. Its the Left who threatens property, because they don't recognize ownership, only redistribution. That's why the (in part) Rand inspired Tea Party is civil, respectful and clean, while the Leftist inspired rallies are rife with incivility, property damage and violent attacks. Do people need to be reminded that Obama admires actual terrorists, like the Weather Underground members?

    If anyone still thinks that Rand or the Tea party or Paul Ryan are somehow connected to violence, they've got their head in the sand and haven't read any news from the last 150 years.

  4. Shane - You said...

    "Ayn Rand was above all an individualist and advocate of reason. She was anti-democratic in the sense that she thought every person has certain rights that can't be curtailed or violated just because 51% of the population wants to. "...

    This true, and not unlike the position our forebearers held. Hence the Bill of rights.


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