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by: Les Carpenter
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We can be sure of one thing. "The Donald", and others who have little of substance to offer will not let the birther issue die. Irrespective of what some so called conservatives, and or Libertarians may think or say, the issue of Barrack Hussein Obama's birthplace has been addressed and verified by the state of Hawaii. More than once.

Conspiracy theories make for great reading and drama. Sometimes they create excitement and concern, and the concerns raised by the conspiracy theory are investigated and found to be valid. Such as the Watergate affair. When this occurs action is taken to correct the situation and laws are enacted to prevent future abuses. And this is as it should be.

However, the birther issue at this point is nothing more than a conspiracy theory without substance. It is a distraction that keeps energy focused on a false claim in order to create an emotionalism rather than focusing on the real issues of substance facing our nation.

And that is the intent of the birthers. And it does a great disservice to the cause of conservatism and Libertarianism.

VIDEO of "The Donald's" remarks.

You have heard "The Donald" in is own words. Following are excepts from an ex Hawaiian official with respect to Barrack Hussein Obama's birth certificate.
The Hawaiian state health official who personally reviewed Barack Obama's original birth certificate has affirmed again that the document is "real" and denounced "conspiracy theorists" in the so-called "birther" movement for continuing to spread bogus claims about the issue.

"It’s kind of ludicrous at this point," Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of Hawaii's Department of Health, said in a rare telephone interview with NBC. ....

As the top Hawaiian official in charge of state health records in 2008, when the issue of Obama's birth first arose, Fukino said she thought she had put the matter to rest. Contacted by NBC, Fukino expanded on previous public statements and made two key points when asked about Trump's recent comments.

The first is that the original so-called "long form" birth certificate — described by Hawaiian officials as a "record of live birth" — absolutely exists, located in a bound volume in a file cabinet on the first floor of the state Department of Health. Fukimo said she has personally inspected it — twice. The first time was in late October 2008, during the closing days of the presidential campaign, when the communications director for the state's then Republican governor, Linda Lingle (who appointed Fukino) asked if she could make a public statement in response to claims then circulating on the Internet that Obama was actually born in Kenya.

Before she would do so, Fukino said, she wanted to inspect the files — and did so, taking with her the state official in charge of vital records. She found the original birth record, properly numbered, half typed and half handwritten, and signed by the doctor who delivered Obama, located in the files. She then put out a public statement asserting to the document's validity. She later put out another public statement in July 2009 — after reviewing the original birth record a second time.

There you have it. Trump in his own words, and remarks from Dr. Chiyome Fukino, the former director of Hawaii's Department of Health.

There are many legitimate reasons to oust President Obama from the White House in 2012. The cause of conservatism and Libertarians alike are best served by focusing on the economic abd budget realities we face today, the need for drastic spending cutbacks for the Military Industrial Complex, reducing foreign aid across the board, rethinking and putting an end to our interventionist foreign policy, and the list of substantive issue goes on. These are but a few, and among the most important.

Given the certification by the state of Hawaii that indeed BHO is a United States Citizen is it not wise to focus on the real issues at hand. Rather than smoke and mirrors?

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  1. But Les, what do all those issues matter if we have a guy in the White House who blatantly lied about his citizenship to the entire Nation?

    This is Richard Nixon 1,000 times over.

    Do you think congressman in 1973 and 74 were saying "let's forget about those tapes, and the hearings on Nixon. Let's get back to the issues."

    As Trump has said this is potentially the biggest scam in the history of the United States.

  2. Utterly amazing that some conservatives are so wiling to believe Democrat bureaucrats.

    Hey Les, did you ever stop to think that woman might have a political agenda, or might just be on somebody's payroll?

  3. Why wasn't Obama's Kenyan birth called a "conspiracy theory," back in 2004 all the way up til 2007, when it was a widely accepted fact that Obama was born in Africa?

    Why all of a sudden in 2007/08 when Republicans started pointing out it was unConstitutional for him to be President it was suddenly "kooky, fringe" talk?

  4. Les, I see this post as a major cop-out. Fact: Obama has never released the long form version of his birth certificate. Fact: Hawaiian officials have NOT verified Obama's Hawaiian birth. Don't try to obtain respect from the mainstream media by echoing their talking points.

    How is Obama's refusal to release his birth certificate a "conspiracy theory"? It is an undebatable fact that he has not released it and refuses to do so. Until he does so, speculation about his birth is fair game.

  5. Eric and Stogie - As much as I respect both of your positions and comments I simply must disagree.

    It seems as we all have our "Talking Points", me included being an advocate of Ayn Rand's Objectivist philosophy.

    But talking points are just that, talking points and should be evaluated independently of collective judgement. This, whether you chose to believe or not is what I have done.

    Now, having said this we are all, the three of us, on the same page with respect to the need to unseat the current occupant of the Oval Office. There are a multitude of reasons as I have heretofore, as well as in this post, pointed out.

    So, we can work together rationally to defeat Obama The Great Statist, or we can argue amongst ourselves {and globally given the internet reality} as to who is the real conservative or Libertarian. Or we can put aside BS distractions and concentrate on finding and promoting a candidate that will return this nation to former greatness and global respect.

    The choice my friends and fellow conservative/Libertarian is yours.

    How do you wish to proceed?

  6. Sure, we can work together to defeat him. But why waste the time. If Trump is right, and he finds the goods on him sooner, we can impeach him NOW!

    I not only want to get Obama out of office, I want to absolutely destroy the Democrat Party and the liberal media, as well.

    Defeating Obama accomplishes one of the three objectives. Impeaching him, and showing him to be a liar about his citizenship, with the complicit liberal media covering it up, and the DNC, will accomplish all three objectives.

  7. Eric,

    Why waste the time? Because as I said, as well as many others, the birther issue is going nowhere. Irrespective of "The Donald's" independent money to try and make it happen.

    So, who is in the end wasting their time, I again ask.

    A sure way to lose sight of the ultimate goal and resulting prize, as any athlete knoews, is distraction.

    Trump, and the birther issue is a distraction from the broader overarching picture and goal.

    So typical of the talking point modern day republican.

    And by the way, Trump is no conservative or Libertarian. Maybe a republican crony capitalist, but no conservative.

    Check in with "Capitalism - The Unknown Ideal" by Ayn Rand. She sheds a brilliant light on the subject.

  8. Les:
    God himself could come down and tell the birthers that he was born in Hawaii and they wouldn't believe it. I know some of them, they is no rational discussion on this to the people who believe it.

    Does anyone have a link of some sort to prove he has paid millions to keep it secret? I have heard the numbers but cannot find any verification of it.

  9. Les, you're missing the point, very, very badly. I'll say it again:


    Then suddenly in 2007 it became "fringe," and "kooky," to mention that he was born in Africa.

    Why the change?

    You Les, are siding with the hypocritical liberal media, and NeoCons like Karl Rove. Urgh!

  10. I'm a 25-year HARDCORE LIBERTARIAN POLITICAL ACTIVIST. In fact, I've been called the greatest Libertarian activist in the country. I know Libertarians.


    He's far more libertarian than Ron Paul, even Gary Johnson.


    Donald gets it on Islamo-Fascism; Ronald (Paul) doesn't.

  11. Just a conservative girl - I believe you are correct.

    Still waiting for that link you asked about...

  12. Eric - I get it. I get it on Islamo-Fascism as well, having posted on it many times.

    As to siding with the hypocritical media, well what can I say. That statement is in my view irrelevant.

    We'll see if "The Donald" can dig up the necessary facts {with all his millions and connections}to prove the accusations.

    If he does I will have to eat crow. I'm not holding my breath.

    As to the Rove Neo Con comment, I'm not even going to respond to it.

    As far as anyone that wants to pursue the "birther" issue, it's there time, let them do what they want with it. But what will happen then? Has anyone thought about that?! Will we be stuck with Biden. Boener?
    We will have an election next year... Let's get the best candidate we can!

  14. Donald Trump is no libertarian. He speaks the blunt truth, but he is not a libertarian


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