Months after Tea Partiers were Protesting, Jack Davis was supporting progressive politicians

By Sam Foster

What Obama policy led you to the Tea Party movement?

Was it the reckless stimulus bill rammed through congress in February? How about the government takeover of GM and Chrysler in March? How about the shakedown of bond holders that ensued? Not on board yet? How about the shady passage of cap and trade in June? What about the appointment of Obama’s Czars, Jeremiah Wright and ACORN? Maybe at the latest, when Obama began cramming Obamacare through the House in July 2009? By Obamacare, nearly the entire progressive agenda had been pushed through congress.

Above is more than a timeline, it is a list of actions and policies that clued throngs of Americans into the un-American progressive agenda. Not everyone found out the truth at the same time, but many hundreds of thousands had been protesting for months by August 2009. Would it then bother you that Jack Davis, supposed Tea Party candidate for NY-26’s special election was monetarily supporting progressive democrats while you were busy protesting the leftward overreach of congressional democrats?

According to FEC donation records, Jack Davis sent $1,000 to Wisconsin liberal Steven Kagen on August 4, 2009. Kagen had voted for cap and trade in June and would go on to help passage of Obamacare. Just a reminder, many Tea Party members were irked about Jane Corwin’s single $1,000 donation to liberal Dede Scozzafava only a few weeks later.

The revelation is going to be a challenge for Jack Davis to explain to those in the Tea Party, which Davis supposedly represents by running on a Tea Party ballot. Davis can offer only two explanations with regards to his current beliefs and his old beliefs:

1) He either feigns a non-wavering sense of political principles, even though he ran as a Democrat three times and still holds beliefs contrary to freedom and free market ideals, like the economics of his trade policy,

2) Or, he tries to distance himself from himself, by claiming to have embraced some new found belief in smaller government sometime just before 2010.

Both can be easily disputed by looking at the big government and anti-free market policies he still promotes, but further revelations about his donation history also contradict both stories.

Steven Kagen was only the most recent progressive Jack Davis donated to in 2009. In June of 2009 and immediately following the congressional cap and trade vote, Davis made four donations and all of them to progressive candidates.

The list includes:

$1,000 to Dan Maffei on June 30, 2009
$1,000 to Brian Higgins on June 25, 2009
$1,000 to Eric “tickle me” Massa June 30, 2009
$1,000 to Louise “demon pass” Slaughter July 1, 2009

Maffei, Higgins and Slaughter all voted for cap and trade, plus both versions of the health bill. Louise Slaughter, who Davis donated to twice over the years, is one of the most radical, leftwing politicians in congress. She’s a big friend to Nancy Pelosi and helped concoct the “deem and pass” solution that helped Obamacare eventually clear congress. Eric Massa did not end up voting for cap and trade or healthcare, but he was a big single payer, British NICE proponent.

So while you were busy trying to put the brakes on Obama’s agenda, Jack Davis was busy supporting the Obama agenda and long after all the legislation had been in play. Now he wants to be your Tea Party candidate for NY’s special election.


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