Molested by Government: Miss USA Susie Castillo

Hat tip to Libertarian Republican for this story:
...former Miss USA Susie Castillo has a new platform: overly diligent TSA agents, one of whom she said “molested” her during a pat down at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport earlier this week.

Castillo, an actress and former MTV VJ, made a YouTube video of her ordeal, tearily complaining that a female screener repeatedly touched her inappropriately during a full body frisking.

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think that this would make me cry,” she said in the video. “I’m really really upset that, as an American, I have to go through this. I do feel violated. This woman touched my vagina four times.”
I'm sure the highly trained government official had a very good reason for abusing this suspicious-looking terrorist wannabe...

Don't miss the quote at the end of the video. Castillo is definitely not a mindless Hollywood liberal.

To be quite honest, I almost didn't post this video and blog because I kept asking myself, "Am I just being a baby?" I'm also not one to stir up controversy. In fact, I do my best to live a very positive and healthy life. However, in the situation I'm about to describe, I felt truly violated and believe I should let my voice be heard. Ultimately, I hope others will do the same. Mahatma Gandhi famously said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." So, that's what I'm doing by sharing this experience:

On my flight back to Los Angeles last week after hosting the red carpet premiere for "Fast Five" in Rio De Janeiro, I connected in Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) where I had the misfortune of being selected to go through one of those full body scanners that emits radiation. Now, if you don't fly very often, you might not worry about it. But I'm a frequent flyer and don't wish to be irradiated more than I already am on flights (we get a pretty large dose of radiation while flying due to our proximity to the sun; the longer your flight, the more your radiation exposure) and in life in general (we're exposed to radiation all day every day; it's called "background radiation"). So I will always "opt out" of going through these body scanners, especially since the long-term effects of radiation are quite well documented: it mutates our cells, often in irreversible ways, and causes cancer. I'm all set with that!

Anyway, after "opting out," I proceeded to follow a very nice older female TSA employee to the "pat down" area. It was an inconvenience, but I thought, "No biggie. I just went through this at LAX for the first time and it wasn't too bad, so let's just get it over with."

Well, this pat down was completely different. It was MUCH MORE invasive than my first one at LAX, just a week before. To say that I felt invaded is an understatement. What bothered me most was when she ran the back of her hands down my behind, felt around my breasts, and even came in contact with my vagina! Honestly, I was in shock, especially since the woman at LAX never actually touched me there. The TSA employee at DFW touched private area 4 times, going up both legs from behind and from the front, each time touching me there. Was I at my gynecologist's office? No! This was crazy!

I felt completely helpless and violated during the entire process (in fact, I still do), so I became extremely upset. If I wanted to get back to Los Angeles, I had no choice but to be violated, whether by radiation or a stranger. I just kept thinking, "What have I done to deserve this treatment as an upstanding, law-abiding American citizen?" Am I a threat to US security? I was Miss USA, for Pete's sake!

Besides, is this procedure really protecting us? I remember hearing about an Al Qaeda terrorist successfully evading security detection by placing a bomb in his rectum. All in an attempt to assassinate Saudi Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef. So what if that happened in the US? Would we then be subjected to random rectal exams in addition to x-rays and being groped by strangers? How far is this going to go? More specifically, how far will WE let this go? As they say, if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything. I think it's time to stand up for our personal liberty.

As a frequent flyer, I knew getting a "pat down" was inevitable, but I never expected it to make me so upset. When it was over, I grabbed my things, walked over to my husband who was waiting for me, and was completely overcome with emotion.

I have never felt more violated in my life than I did that morning at DFW, and I've heard of others feeling the same way after these "pat downs." Just a couple weeks ago, a video of a six-year-old girl being patted down by TSA made headlines. Talk about unjust and unacceptable. So I decided to speak to a TSA supervisor about how I felt, and make a video about what happened to post on my blog.

This "pat down" is a total violation of our rights (we shouldn't be searched this way without probable cause or a search warrant), therefore I will be filing a complaint via phone, online and also in writing with the TSA to complain each and every time for as long as the TSA is violating my rights.


  1. Thanks for the hat tip Tim. But this is about more than just the TSA pat-down of a former Miss USA. This is about hypocrisy of some on the leftside of the libertarian movement - Ron Paulists, cough, cough - who refuse to face up to the issue of racial profiling.

    It's a cliche' but oh so true: It wasn't a merry-band of blonde-haired, beer guzzlin' Swedes who flew those jets into the Twin Towers on 9/11. It was 19 easily recognizeable and very stereotypically suspicious looking MUSLIM MEN.

    My gosh, Muhammed Attah looked like an evil Satanic cult member. You cannot get any more Terrorist looking than Attah.

    Yet, liberals, and left/Ron Paul libertarians absolutely refuse to bring profiling into the equation. Oh, golly gee, we may violate some Muslim's civil rights.

    We're at War! There is an easily identifiable enemy. We need to target MEMBERS OF THAT ENEMY GROUP! not real Americans.

  2. Eric I read you quite a bit and generally agree. I am a libertarian and a "Ron Paul" type. To be classed with moonbats and statists pisses me off just a little bit.

    I am trying to think...just where in the libertarian says I can't profile precisely what platform tenet is it that says I can't relax, bend, or break if the situation calls for it?

    Don't care much for the libertarian smear. I don't defend statists.

  3. Check your work- my teachers always said. Ugh. I should have listened.

  4. Brian, well, it sounds like to me that you're one of the rational Libertarians, and not really a Ron Paul/leftist libertarian type.

    Try hanging out at some left-libertarian sites like Daily Paul, Humble Libertarian, ect... You won't see any discussions at all about the threats of Muslim Terrorism on the US. It's almost like they pretend it doesn't even exist, like 9/11 never even happened.

    I suggest you join the rest of us rational libertarians or mainstream libertarians, by hanging out here at Left Coast Rebel, and over at my site at and join the Republican Liberty Caucus, or the Libertarian Defense Caucus (rational wing of the Libertarian Party.)

  5. This is too funny. I'm just about to leave this site, and I glance over to the sidebar, and what do I see?

    The Humble Libertarian, a premiere leftist libertarian website, featuring an article, "Can Libertarians reach the Left?"

    I rest my case.

  6. Eric, good Lord, man, Wes is my friend and so are you. I don't agree with Wes on every issue and I don't agree with you on every issue either. On Islamo-fascism, I find myself in between the two of you, I want a strong defense but less foreign entanglements and by golly, when we are engaged, I want us to kick ass and get the hell out of the area of engagement. No more nation building either! I don't think we belong in Libya at all and I think we need to have an exit strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan and we need to stick to it, end of story.

    On foreign policy I'm closer to Ayn Rand's views than most libertarians but that doesn't mean that I don't understand where they are coming from or question their ethics when I disagree.


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