The Left tries and fails to enact new type of protest; flash mob protesting

By Sam Foster

I originally passed up the opportunity to be the first to share the left’s new, bold and unappealing efforts at sparking protest interest via a new protest concept; flash mob protesting.

Then I saw that Hot Air and Professor Jacobson couldn’t help themselves, but then the video below at least starts well…then declines from there:

Here is the one I saw, a protest in NYC against Walmart. You will see instantly why I didn’t want to pass it on. If you are not gifted with tone-deafness, you may want to turn down your computer speakers.

Now there is a big reason why Christmas flash mobs like the one below were popular:

The biggest reason being that the performance is actually stunning and well coordinated. The other being that the intention of the flash mob was on the audience, not the performers. The point of the flash mob was not to draw attention to yourself, but the crowd.

These protest videos are little more than a more interesting way for protestors to protest, but for those outside, it’s the same noise.

But then again, they’ve been successful in getting me to post them up on the blog, so maybe the real dupe is me.


  1. It's a natural for the Left. Because it's a very efficient way to mobilize zombies by applying technology without reference to ethics. The best way to combat it is to monitor their use the same technology to enable our people to show up with cameras to progressively discredit the zombies over time.

    "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

  2. I was wondering when the equal pay mob was. I posted on the practice video a few weeks ago. I need to add this as an update.



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