Last Tradition Celebrates Two Years

by the Left Coast Rebel

Samuel Gonzalez (pictured left) is celebrating his two-year blogversary today.

He explains what started it all:

In my frustration, I stated this blog as a form of therapy to fight back against a tidal wave of Obama-mania. For the first 6 months, I posted articles written by Conservatives I admire like Ralph Peters, Rich Lowry and others. But, in September 09, I decided to write more of my own thoughts. In less than a week, I got one Follower and I was thrilled to death.
We can all relate to Samuel's motivation for blogging, in fact, I started LCR in 2009 for the precise same reason(s). The events taking place in our body politic -- culminating with the election of a community-agitator socialist -- were so disturbing that I couldn't just yell at the television any more.

Anyway, the rest is history for Samuel -- two years later -- and The Last Tradition is one of the best medium-size blogs in the 'sphere. Samuel has a lot of energy, lays it into GOP leadership and doesn't mince words. Be sure to follow and bookmark the site and many more years to come, Samuel!

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