Jack Davis steps through door number one: feigns amnesia with regards to his political beliefs

By Sam Foster

There were only two doors Jack Davis could have stepped through to explain his liberal past; he has chosen door number one: pretend that he wasn’t supporting big government policies even though he was and still is supporting big government policies.

Jack Davis is a former Republican turned Democrat turned into a supposed Tea Party candidate for NY-26's special election. As I pointed out earlier, Davis needed to explain how he could go from 2008, 2006 and 2004 Democrat candidate for congress to credentialed Tea Party candidate:

The revelation is going to be a challenge for Jack Davis to explain to those in the Tea Party, which Davis supposedly represents by running on a Tea Party ballot. Davis can offer only two explanations with regards to his current beliefs and his old beliefs:

1) He either feigns a non-wavering sense of political principles, even though he ran as a Democrat three times and still holds beliefs contrary to freedom and free market ideals, like the economics of his trade policy.

2) Or, he tries to distance himself from himself, by claiming to have embraced some new found belief in smaller government sometime just before 2010.
Jack Davis is now on the record stepping through door number one:

“I’ve always been a Constitution guy. I’ve always been a Second Amendment guy. I’ve always believed in smaller government and less taxes, so it was a really good fit for me.”

So massive Smoot-Hawley trade tariff policies, inflexible opposition to any social security reform, past endorsements by ACORN and SEIU’s political party the Working Families Party and donations to progressive congress members during the Obamacare debate are all just some nuanced feature to Jack Davis’ unwavering commitment to small government? Everyone who donated to Louise Slaughter immediately following democrats ramming cap and trade through congress in June 2009, were really just protesting the progressive lurch of government by sending support money.

Tea Party members who are not being paid by Jack Davis as staff have resoundingly rejected Davis’ candidacy. Rus Thompson and the other Tea Party groups outside of the one supporting Jack Davis (Tea Party Coalition) snuffed the supposed Tea Party candidate last night:

According to Thompson, the Tea Party Coalition does not have true tea party values. “I asked him point-blank if he’d talked to any of the tea party groups. He said no.”

Thompson added that two of Davis’ campaign members belong to the other group. “Anyone can get 18,000 signatures (to get on the ballot) if you pay someone $18-20 an hour to collect them,” Thompson said.

Thompson then asked for a show of hands from anyone who approves of Davis. No one did.

Indeed, it certainly sounds strange that the only tea party members who believe in Jack Davis lifelong commitment to small government ideas are being paid to help run his campaign.

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