If Albany is the problem, why is Kathy Hochul running for congress?

By Sam Foster

This is not going to work.

She (Kathy Hochul, Democrat for NY-26 special) blamed Albany policies for forcing too many residents and businesses to flee for less taxing states.

You see, Kathy Hochul has built up her political brand as an Albany fighter and wants to get elected on it. So naturally, she needs to transition that Albany fighting attitude into a Washington fighting attitude. But, that’s not what she’s doing.

She’s running for a job in Washington, but blaming Albany? Sounds strange, but it is an interesting strategy to behold and it does have national implications. Think Scott Walker in WI. Democrats want to turn what they perceive as a “big Democrat WI sympathy” into national gains. The problem is that Scott Walker is not up for election in any state other than WI and only four years from now. However, there are a number of states enacting cuts that Democrats think they can demagogue. Thus, a strategy of Democrat congressional candidates running against state capitals is born.

This is goofy because in essence, Kathy Hochul is banking on the hope that voters can’t tell the difference between Albany and Washington. It is not going to work and not just because Democrats are underestimating voters. Sweeping landmark Democrat legislation is a constant reminder to small businesses that politicians like Kathy Hochul are insincere.

I wrote the following in the Daily Caller during the 2010 elections not six months ago:

Main Street messaging is a perpetual happy-place for congressional Democrats, as Main-Street-not-Wall-Street has been a reoccurring theme for the party since the 2008 elections. It’s a favorite crutch, because it embodies everything that progressives would like to project in the minds of voters: a party that is small-business friendly and detached from the swamp of Washington politics. Best of all, it looks nice on TV.

However, there is a serious problem with the strategy. While Main Street messaging has been a consistent theme for Democrats, Democrat policies have been a mixed bag for small businesses, damaging the credibility of the brand. Well publicized, landmark legislation like health care reform, financial reform and cap and trade have created hurtles for incumbent Democrats.

Now, Kathy Hochul is not an incumbent Democrat who has a record of voting with Obama. That’s a plus for her, but she’s not going to 1) get away with silence on landmark Obama policies; especially with news like how six pages of Obamacare resulted in the creation of 1,000 pages of regulation 2) pretending that small business problems are only incumbent on NY state government while giving the federal government a pass.

If the Jane Corwin campaign is smart, they need to get Kathy Hochul on the record for how she plans on dealing with Obama’s massive regulatory bureaucracy that Hochul’s party has built. Corwin needs to remind voters that Kathy Hochul is running for congress, not governor.

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