Hungry for a Budget Deal? Eat the Rich

by Grant Davies, What We Think and Why 

Well, this guy is rich, but I'm guessing he will kill your
appetite no matter how hungry you are.
(Unless, of course, you crave a slob-burger and an order of flies)

Unfortunately it looks like I'm stuck in wonksville for the immediate future unless I can think up another topic to blog about soon. But it's hard to get off this "budget news" cycle when it's all over the web every day. And I keep getting great material sent to me by my hard working group of unpaid web observers.

A few days ago I received two such items. One from a reader named Lisa via email and another from a savvy web-spotter named Homer who feeds me the best stuff going around the email circuit.

The first is an article from the Daily Caller describing a political slush fund that is funded with five hundred million of your tax dollars and scheduled to ramp up to two billion dollars a year by 2015. (and in perpetuity) This one comes to us courtesy of Obamacare in the "Anti Obesity" section and I take personal offense since that section seems to be aimed squarely at me.

I guess that now that they passed Obamacare we get to find out what's in it. I suspect Nancy Pelosi already knew.

Slush funds are nothing new of course and Democrats have no monopoly on them. They are merely "The Chicago Way" gone national. But it's a great article if you have any indignation left in your "outrage tank" this week. You should read it here.

The second item is a video. Homer may have known when he sent it that it would end up here. If so, he guessed correctly because I think it is possibly the best of the many fine videos I have ever posted on this site.

Most of my regular readers will only see what they already know, but posted in a more persuasive and fun way than before. But for some honest liberals and other Democrats who don't usually think in the same step by step organized manner as we do, but rather make decisions and judgments based on their heart and feelings, it might just be that one video that makes them realize that the end of the welfare state is near.

Not because mean old Tea Partiers or the hated Republicans will destroy it, but because (like Michael Moore) it collapsed of its own weight, when as Margret Thatcher once said, we ran out of "other people's money."

So I suggest you send a link to it to all your honest liberal friends. I know you might not want to risk it, but as the saying goes, "those who matter don't mind and those who mind don't matter."

As for "eating the rich", I'm not in danger of being consumed, but our country certainly is.

(Editor's Note: A retired investment advisor and resident of Illinois, Grant Davies blogs from a liberty perspective at What we Think and Why)

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  1. In case there is someone that read the post, watched the video and still doesn't understand... The problem is SPENDING!

  2. Thanks John. But it's unlikely that anyone with that much of an inability to decern would have stumbled across this website. Still...ya never know, so thanks again.


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