GOP Leader Losing Crucial Conservative Support

If Republicans want to offer a clear alternative to the reckless shenanigans of the socialist democrat party, and more importantly, if Republicans want to play a role in pulling this country from the brink of financial ruin, they're on the wrong track.

The reliably conservative GOP loyalists at RedState are nearly fed up:
Just the other day I said the answer is “no” to the question “should the House GOP replace John Boehner.” The more we’ve found out about that budget deal, the more I think I might be wrong. Maybe we need Speaker Bachmann instead...

At a time when Republican leaders are trying to look “grown up” and “reasonable” in the eyes of the Washington Press Corps, Michele Bachmann is fighting the left.

Michele Bachmann is willing to pick a fight to replace Obamacare when John Boehner and Eric Cantor are willing to roll over. Bachmann is willing to pick a fight on the debt ceiling when the leadership is, even now, negotiating an increase in the debt ceiling while yet again selling out conservatives...
Yes, the Republican Party is screwing conservatives to the wall and they're giving the Tea Party the shaft. But much more tragically, they're selling out Americans who are too young to vote yet.

If today's Republican officeholders don't get their act together pronto, their future will not be bright. The Tea Party giveth, and the Tea Party taketh away. Remember Charlie Crist? Bob Bennett? Trey Grayson? Stinky Scozzafava?


  1. Makes one believe that the RINO's have so badly infested the GOP that perhaps it's time for a new party.

  2. @madmath1 I still think it would be harder to build a new party from scratch than it would be to reform the GOP. If we can't beat the RINOs from the inside, we won't be able to beat them at all.

  3. I am not sure if replacing Boehner is the way to go. The way to go is to have everyone in Congress understand the budget process so they don't get fooled again like they (and the nation) did last week with this fake 'historic' budget deal.

    You could lick off 1 'M' off of 1 M&M in a pack of 55 of them and proportionally, you would have technically 'cut' more than this budget deal cut in actual dollars relative to the entire budget.

  4. I would shoot for Congressman Tom McClintock. His conservative bona fides are top notch, great communicator too.


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