Glenn Reynolds: Blogs Bring in New Information

By Sam Foster

Glenn Reynolds once answered the most important element of having a successful blog:

Make sure you watch the whole interview, Glenn Reynolds gives away the trick of getting his attention for a link.

However, there is a real art to blogging that most new bloggers, including myself when I was new, simply don't understand. Blogging is about 95%, adding new information. If you have the writing prowess of Robert Stacy McCain, you could write about any silly, goofy thing you want and still get readers. For 99% of bloggers, we simply are not skilled enough at the written art and won't be for another 20 years.

But, there is hope for us. News outlets act as modern day heralds. They just run around the masses in the slowest pace imaginable, shouting out a headline. There is no investigation and no coverage of the saucy alternative view points. In short, the MSM makes it so any story could go a lot of ways.

Bloggers are successful, when they take a story of great interest and add something of great interest to it.

This means two things for a blogger. One, timing is important. All news stories have a shelf-life. If you want someone to read your article, you need to write it when people are searching for more information on the topic. Second, it means you need to add some interesting information. That usually means using the great researching tool known as the google machine or if you have expertise, use it.

If you can add interesting information to an interesting topic, and on a regular basis. Your future as a big-time blogger is secured; your ascendancy is only a matter of time.

This also leads to a third nugget of wisdom for bloggers. If this is how you get readers, you can stop wasting blog space with what ever else you've been blogging.

If you aren't bringing new information to the table, your blog is just another mess of text sitting out on the web.

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