Freedom Watch with Anrdrew Napolitano, April 5, 2011, Coming to America

by the Left Coast Rebel

On a related topic, Politico, via Memeorandum, Speaker John Boehner thinks Dems "win" if government shut down:

Speaker John Boehner is warning his Republican colleagues that Democrats would “win” a government shutdown and the GOP would suffer a political catastrophe if the federal government runs out of money at the end of this week.

“The Democrats think they benefit from a government shutdown. I agree,” Boehner said during a closed-door, 90-minute meeting on House Republicans on Monday night, according to several lawmakers who attended the session.

I think Democrats-statists win when the Republican party leadership -- sent to Washington with one of the most historic mandates in this nation's history -- quibbles over paltry "cuts" and fails to show the necessary backbone to confront this nation's fiscal ills.


  1. Boehner is a RINO that needs to go. The fact he made it past november, let alone got the speaker job shows the GOP still has some serious problems. He needs to get out of the way and let Steve King, Bachmann or Paul take the lead. Instead he has such pride in being a feckless crying democrat in GOP clothing.

  2. Amen! If they don't stick to their guns, it will be time to defund the GOP.


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