Freedom Watch with Anrdrew Napolitano, March 31, 2011, "The Dogs of War"

by the Left Coast Rebel

As promised, daily uploads of the previous day's Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano:

Bonus: Watch Judge Napolitano’s 5 part special on the History of Liberty here. Related discussion on Libya at Memeorandum here, here.


  1. In our last Post at "Robbing America" - "Libya Can and Should Be Won With Mercenaries" - we provide not only the "raison d'etre" for the war in Libya but the means of persuing it that will not risk American lives and reduce the cost.
    We clearly state that "No official uniformed Western troops are advisable or necessary to liberate and create a new and modern Libya."
    It is the practice for centuries and we must learn the art of the war by proxie.

  2. Right Now, Rand Paul is my front runner.


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