For the Left the Answer Is... Soak the Job Creators... AKA: The Rich

by: Les Carpenter
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While the pResident contents himself with playing the perennial popular class envy and class warfare card the reality is...

From The Wall Street Journal.
A dominant theme of President Obama's budget speech last Wednesday was that our fiscal problems would vanish if only the wealthiest Americans were asked "to pay a little more." Since he's asking, imagine that instead of proposing to raise the top income tax rate well north of 40%, the President decided to go all the way to 100%.

Let's stipulate that this is a thought experiment, because Democrats don't need any more ideas. But it's still a useful experiment because it exposes the fiscal futility of raising rates on the top 2%, or even the top 5% or 10%, of taxpayers to close the deficit. The mathematical reality is that in the absence of entitlement reform on the Paul Ryan model, Washington will need to soak the middle class—because that's where the big money is...

I have been saying this for years: It has always been the middle class that has to foot the bill for the statist policies of our federal government.

Unfortunately, the middle class, as well as others, have bought into the myth that if only the government soaks the rich, the job creators, and the wealthy, we can solve all our national problems.

Do the math folks. Hold to reason and the truth. Eventually {hopefully} this nation may figure it out.

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  1. You got the "hood" part right!

  2. If I remember right, Robin Hood was fighting taxation.

  3. I believe this video illustrates the point of this post very well... Have a look!


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