For Democrats Worried About Being "Non-Essential"

by: Les Carpenter
Rational Nation USA
Birthplace of Independent Conservatism

I just could not resist putting this up at Rational Nation USA. and Left Coast Rebel. Great comedic relief, and with a huge dose of truth.


Meanwhile, there’s hope for those about to find themselves with lots of free time. Are you a federal worker anxious about government shutdowns? Feeling oddly ambitious lately, and perhaps slightly productive? Consult with your AFSCME or SEIU representative and see if DisplacetraTM is right for you! Laura Ingraham provides some government-shutdown comedy relief today in this mockutisement for relief from the notion that the days of whine and moroses may be ending after all: {More}

When you really stop and think about it a government shutdown would be only partial, would likely end in short order, and life would go on as usual. From the lamestream media to lame Fox News, and the statist progressives to the statist republicans all seem in a tizzy over a non event.

Just more indoctrination from all sides as to how we simply can't survive a day without Leviathan big brother.

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