Eric Boehlert, who can't spell names, criticizes Professor William Jacobson for misspelling a name

By Sam Foster

There is some famous saying out there about glass houses, but I forget how it goes. Maybe Media Matters Eric Boehlert could help me out.

Reading over at Legal Insurrection, it turns out that Eric Boehlert has criticized William Jacobson for misspelling a name on his blog.

Jacobson's crime? Spelling "Bill Sammon," Bill Sammons."

Eric Boehlert's jest is actually quite funny, because I need only go back into Left Coast Rebel's archives and point to a much messier, far more slaughtered spelling of the gunman JOHN PATRICK BEDELL, which was spelled JAMES PATRICK BODELL. Can you guess the author of such poor name spelling? Surprise, it was none other than Eric Boehlert!

Unfortunately, Eric Boehlert has scrubbed the post so the error isn't visible on Media Matters' website. But, luckily Eric's shame will not go unscoffed, because I took a screenshot before the misspell whitewash and have the proof below.

If only there was some saying about things that go around so as to warn glass house dwellers...

Thank you for the link Professor!


  1. This is brilliant, nice work on digging up the archives and exposing this grammatically-challenged (and hypocritical) leftist fool!


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