Democrats Earmarked Hundreds of Thousands for Robert Byrd’s Family

By Sam Foster

Bungalo Bill was first to spot the earmark:

Most of us real conservatives knew John Boehner's compromise with the Democrats was an act of deceptiCON politics at its finest. I am even blown away by what the Republicans allowed the Democrats to put into this bill to keep the government running--like a gift to the late Senator Robert Byrd's (D-WV) children and grandchildren. You know the former KKK grand dragon turned US Senator.

Section 134 sets aside the $193,400 gift from taxpayers to the Byrd family.

Sec. 134. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, for payment in equal shares to the children and grandchildren of Robert C. Byrd, $193,400 is appropriated.

I looked into the bill and sure enough, there it is right in section 134.

However, it appears to be a Democrat proposed continuing resolution that was passed in the Fall, September 30, 2010 to be exact. It was introduced by Democrat Nita Lowey.

It is unfortunate that this was not brought up earlier, because it really would have made the blogosphere burst.

I’m still researching to see if I can get more information, but this does not appear to be the budget bill recently passed over the weekend.

I wonder how much the Democrat congress gave the Kennedy family?


  1. Wasn't there enough money mis-appropriated to Senator Byrd while he was alive? Sounds like a death tax in reverse!

  2. Just when I thought the Democrat Party couldn't sink any lower, they pull out their shovels and prove me wrong again. Thanks for keeping everyone abreast of their latest squandering of America's hard-earned money.


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