Cracks in Trump's Foundation!

by Andrew, Allied Liberty News

Previously, I did a post on my blog saying to listen to Trump, hear him out and take him seriously. Some viewed it as flag waving for Trump but in actuality it was simply a message to take him seriously and hear him out.

I did that on Saturday as he did a town hall right here in my area as I fought a monsoon, impossible parking and near heatstroke hearing him out only to come away very disappointed. Trump used all the same talking points he has used over and over on TV. Trump could not stay on topic long enough to lay out even a hint of what solutions he would employ to bring solve the problems he is aptly pointing out and speaking after Lt. Col. Allen
West, Trump sounded old, weak, and uninspiring.

If Trump had laid out bold ideas but wasn’t a great speaker, I would not be saying this but Trump is simply running against Obama (and the establishment) the way Obama ran against Bush and Bush ran against Clinton, and how Clinton ran against Bush before him.

Trump is promising “change” but isn’t laying
out any sort of foundation for how and why his “change” is better than Obama’s or (both) Bush’s or Clinton’s. They all promised “change” but either didn’t spell out what that change would be (Obama) or broke every promise they made i.e “Read My Lips” then “The Era of Big Government Is Over” then “No Nation Building” all of which led to “Change You Can Believe In…we just have to pass it first so you can find out what it is..hee hee”

The fact is, the tea parties demand more than talking points. They expect specifics and will not settle for "pie in the sky" empty promises and vague talking points as so many may or may not have in 2008. Now that folks are really digging into his past such as in areas of campaign contributions and political views, issues are arising that run totally counter to both my core values and the core values of tea party supporters overall. That doesn't change my previous post at all. We need to pay attention to him either whether we support him or not as he will not rule out an attempt to "perot" BHO back into the oval office and that really bothers me more and more as time goes on. The fact is, Trump has made use of "imminent domain" far more than I like (even once is too much when it comes to private business) and has always supported nationalized heath care (hell no) in the past. Those are 2 sticking points that are beyond compromise in my book.

There is also one MUCH LARGER issue and that is even when asked about Soros at the town hall, Trump refused to even speak of him. Now, just think about this, suppose you are Trump and you are supposedly getting into the race because the lapdog of Soros, i.e. BHO is the worst President ever and you either do not have or are unwilling to give an opinion on the person who bought BHO's 1st 4 years on the Presidential Golf Course? I know Trump is not so stupid that he doesnt know Soros owns the White House. Soros has been oddly quiet about Trump as well. I figured Soros would have a full court press hatchet job on Trump by now but Trump still works for NBC. This stirred up all sorts of scenarios in the back of my mind such as Soros knows BHO is done and is now using Trump to either divide or co-opt the tea party into giving him 4 more years to reign destruction on our way of life. Hmmm...well at least we know Soros would NEVER do something like that, right?

Unless or until Trump can explain away these things, he will get neither my support nor my vote. This is not the time to be voting for the lesser of two evils. A Presidential election between Trump and BHO would seem to be just that, only this time we would have a choice between the evil we don't know in Trump and the evil we still don't know after four years with BHO. Can you really figure out which is lesser in that?

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  1. Haha! love the graphic with Trump and Soros...
    Yeah.. Trumps a lot of hot air and made contributions to the wrong side... RINO in my opinion.


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