Contempt for the Consent of the Governed.

By Proof

Jim Hoft had this story, which really needs to go viral.

One of the infamous Fleebaggers of Wisconsin is facing a recall, and some cowardly thugs who show nothing but contempt for the consent of the governed try to subvert the political process through dirty tricks and illegal acts.

So, if you don't think you can win a recall election, you steal the petitions? The Founding Fathers would have been so proud!

This may be a novel thought for the anti-democratic (small "d") thugs and miscreants in Wisconsin, but have you ever considered arguing your case on the merits and simply let the people decide how they want to be governed? Oh, I see. As usual you're against any choice but your own.


Update: Silverfiddle reminded me of a picture over at Randy's Roundtable. Notice the sign calling Wisconsin a "banana republic". Compare and contrast what Governor Walker did to the actions of the hooligans who stole those petitions. Which do you think more closely mirrors that of a "banana republic"?

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And, as I mentioned down in the comments, Liberals are irony impaired.

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  1. The obscene libtards are already claiming that this is all an agent-provocateur caper set up by the GOP to make the RICO crime spree leftist criminals look bad...! Yeah, in Green Bay? I'm a native Wisconsinite with relatives in GB and the people in that town are typically honest midwesterners, except for the dude who poisoned Packer Coach Devine's dog[!!].

    No, this looks like a job by the criminal cadres in Dane County, where they still haven't charged that ditzbag teacher who threatened to kill the entire GOP state senate online. The commissars of the U of Wisconsin's sicko grads are behind this crime---and the criminal thug unions may have provided some of the expertise. Hope they've backed up either the names & addresses or the files in some other fashion. [Like the ads in Rush Limbaugh's program recommend!!]

  2. Maoist tactics.

  3. Imagine if the recall headquarters were located in a democrat stronghold county... They might have stolen the whole building!


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