Kathy Hochul’s Albany Fighter mask fell off in NYC, was picked up by news media

By Sam Foster

Kathy Hochul is nothing more than a small government advocate. That is until she goes to NYC to fundraise with the far-left liberals:

Kathy is a progressive, pro-choice candidate. She is running in a 3-way race against a self-funding Tea Party candidate who will likely split votes with her Republican opponent.

Kathy Hochul, the former liberal lobbyist and tax raiser, has had a much different message to the voters of NY-26. But, why listen to me point it out? You can just read Your News Now:

Interestingly, Hochul hasn’t been stressing her progressive, pro-choice positions very much – particularly not in her TV ads, which don’t even mention her political affiliation. That makes sense, considering the GOP enrollment edge in the district.
But the message is different in Democrat-dominated NYC, where the WFP’s Bill Lipton sent an email last night to leaders in the labor-backed party, urging them to attend the DL21C event “at the request of important allies.”

“Kathy, running on the Democratic and Working Families lines, has also received endorsements from Emily’s List and the AFL-CIO.,” Lipton wrote. “The election will be held May 24th, and we need to do everything we can to send another Working Families candidate to Congress!"

Yes, Kathy Hochul is the same candidate who put out this campaign ad.

I suppose the mask made her forget the whole big reason to contribute to her campaign. Namely that: “I’m a progressive and pro-choice” thingy.

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