Ben Smith slams Public Policy Polling hard

By Sam Foster

Is Public Policy Polling gimmickry finally wearing thin on the media? If Ben Smith at Politico is any indication, then today might be the beginning of the end:

This PPP survey has more to do with feeding the liberal echo chamber than explaining an election.

Ben Smith's article title was "Foolish poll finding of the day." AKA, we aren't just slamming today's poll on Donald Trump, which has actually received a lot of accolades.

As I've continued to point out, Public Policy Polls have always had more to do with political narration than polling. Professor Jacobson has been on the same trail for even longer than I.

The problem is that the politicos have a serious addiction to new political subject matter and PPP is stepping in to fill the void, no matter how useless the polling really is.

The problem with gimmicks is it that there is a self-life. Sooner or later, people want substance.

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