Ayn Rand's Epic Novel Atlas Shrugged Out In Theaters April 5th

by: Les Carpenter
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Ayn Rand, the 20th century author, playwright, philosopher, and advocate for individualism, laissez faire capitalism, and a true life sustaining value system is now more relevant than ever.

In this time of unrestrained budget deficits and a steadily rising national debt, burdensome and damaging regulatory controls, an anti business and anti growth mentality, crony capitalism and government subsidies for businesses, a rising tide of altruism, unjustified and unethical military interventions into sovereign states that pose no threat to our national security... America needs more than ever a philosophy and ethics to guide her. Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism, provides just such a foundation.

Her works are consistent, non contradictory, rational, and if read with a truly open mind revealing as well as life changing. Admittedly her philosophy will not resonate with those having an altruistic collectivist mindset. It in fact scares them precisely because it requires they live on their own merits alone, and it requires you to live your life based upon your own rational self interests. Something many people find themselves unable to do.

For me to say more about the value, intellectual clarity, and honesty of this remarkable women will only serve to give the progressive/collectivists greater opportunity to call me, as well as other Objectivist world wide nothing more than cultists. So, rather than saying more {at this point anyway} following are two videos, h/t Reason TV. Perhaps they will peak your curiosity  in a way that if you haven't already found Rand they will give you the curiosity to do so.

The first talks about Ayn Rand's "long shelf life" while discussing her work and relevancy. The second is a short clip about the movie Atlas Shrugged. A movie based on Rand's epic novel. Atlas Shrugged, as I am sure many of you know, encapsulates Rand's political and economic philosophy. Part 1 of the movie will be out April 15th, tax day. Not just by coincidence you can be sure.


Atlas Shrugged theater locations  nearest you.

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