Another Black Conservative is Right: Boehner may have "won" but America Still Lost

by the Left Coast Rebel

Brilliant heartfelt analysis from my friend Clifton at Another Black Conservative:

From what I have been reading, it appears that quite a few people are saying Speaker Boehner has won the budget showdown. They all point to the fact that the national conversation in Washington has changed from wild deficit spending to spending cuts (albeit tiny ones).

This may all be true in the political sense, but in reality America still sits perilously close to an economic disaster. We are still spending hundreds of billions of dollars we do not have. The amount of money we are borrowing daily will soon eat up these cuts in no time flat. Yet, here are our so called "leaders" talking about "historic cuts".

I think part of the problem in Washington today is that there aren't many who can take in the big picture. Too many lawmakers, pundits and the media class focus on the little skirmishes and daily back and forth without taking into account the effect on the nation as a whole.

Paul Ryan's budget plan is the first attempt in a long time to bring the big picture in focus. Unfortunately after watching this shutdown showdown, I don't have a lot of faith in seeing anything close to Ryan's plan being acted upon.

That about sums it up, don't you think?

Via Memeorandum.


  1. This budget deal was a win for Boehner and the GOP in the same sense that the giant iceberg was a win for the Titanic and its passengers.

  2. From what I have observed, 0bomba is trying to bask in the spotlights as the great unifier... What a POC!


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