50 Obama Issues More Important than the Birth Certificate

by the Left Coast Rebel

Brilliant and spot on, I just saw this list over at Wolf Files: 50 issues that are far more important than the birth certificate issue.



2.Drill Here Drill Now

3.High Taxes

4.High Deficit

5.Gun Control


7.China our arses

8.Oil Prices are too high

9.Lousy Relationship With Europe

10.Appeasing Terrorists

11.Protecting the Borders

12.Enforcing the Law the same way for Caucasians and members of the New Black Panther party.

13.Enforcing the Law against ACORN

14.Enforcing the Law against CAIR

15.The Pigford Scandal

16.Favoring Muslims Over Christians and Jews

17.The Stupid War in Libya

18.Leading From the Back

19.Energy Taxes

20.Giving Money To Brazil To Drill For Oil

21.Treating Our Ally Israel Like a Rogue Nation

22.Federal Funding For Abortion

23.Ending Subsidies for Big Oil

24.Not Ending Subsidies For Electric Cars

25.Not Ending Subsidies For Farmers Who Don't Farm

26.Not Ending Subsidies For Ethanol

27.The Wasteful Stimulus Bill

28.Cap and Trade

29.The EPA's Regulation of Exhaling (CO2)

30.The FCC's Attempt to Take Over The Internet

31.Favoring Unions over The General Public

32.Getting Involved With Local (Wisconsin) Issues

33.Telling a Guy With 10 Kids To Buy a New Fuel Efficient Car And Then Using Air Force One to Fly to Chicago (on our dime) Simply to Appear on Oprah

34.Forcing All Stimulus Construction Contracts to be Granted to Union Shops or to Shops That Raise Their Wages/Benefits to a Union Level Even Though Only 14% of Construction Companies Are Union--Causing a 20% Increase In The Cost To The American Public

35.Being the Most Divisive "Unifying" President in the History of America

36.Lying About His Health Plan Not Forcing People To Change Insurance Providers

37.Lying About His Promise For A Transparent Presidency

38.Having Different Rules for Syria and Libya

39.Announcing The War On Libya and Instead of Staying In Washington to Show Support for the Troops in Harm's Way, running off to Brazil With Your Family Before The Ink Was Dry on The Orders

40.Not Meeting With General McChrystal When He 'Was Formulating Strategy in Afghanistan, But Hosting Richard Trumka Over and Over

41.QE 2

42.The Auto Bailout

43.Your Half of the Banking Bailout

44.Ignoring the BP Disaster for the First Two Months

45.Refusing The Offers of Allies to Help With The BP Disaster Until The Public Complained

46.Going Against Honduras When They Tossed Their President, Even Though Honduras was Following Their Constitution.

47.John Holdren, Science Czar

48.Cash For Clunkers

49.Trying to Intimidate Insurance Companies When They Told The Truth About Obamacare

50.Bashing The Chamber of Commerce For Exercising Their Right to Free Speech While Being Silent About Government Unions Spending As Much or More on Campaign Donations as the Chamber

--And this list only scratches the surface of Dear Leader's two-year record on the dismantling of this nation.

He's laughing all the way to the bank as this issue chugs along. Come on, people, focus, focus, focus!

More at Memeorandum, here, here.

Both of you are fired!
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  1. Ha! Love it! Paying it forward...

  2. And this is just what we can see at a glance...

  3. Oh yeah... Love the pic of "The Barack"...

  4. AGREED!! Thank you for the dose of reality. We must remained on target and focused on the evil this man has, and wants to, wrought. He is not an American at heart.


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