Wisconsin Senate Passes Budget Repair Bill

by the Left Coast Rebel

On the surface this is exciting. Is there a silver lining? Why didn't the Wisconsin Senate GOP legislators do this a couple of weeks ago?


According to Wisconsin GOP sources, the state senate is moving towards a vote tonight on the budget repair bill--without senate Democrats present.

The legislation being voted on tonight has few changes from the bill as initially proposed. The bill removes a refinancing provision and doesn't count savings during this fiscal year accrued by requiring public employees to pay more for their pensions and health insurance. But it would still save the state $300 million over the next two years by requiring state employees to contribute about 5% of income toward their pensions and by requiring state workers to pay for about 12% of their health insurance premiums. It would also save $1.44 billion by requiring public employees in school districts and municipalities to pay 5% of their salaries toward their pensions and by removing collective bargaining for benefits, thus giving school districts and municipalities the option of requiring their employees to pay about 12% for their health insurance premiums.

It's incredible just how common sense the details above are. Like I have said before, Americans are in no mood to entertain spoiled brat, silver-spoon-mouthed public treasury-fleecing union leftists.

We are broke. The half century + party with the taxpayer gold-pot-at-the-end-of-the-rainbow is over.

On queue, the leftist mob at the Wisconsin Capitol building went apocalyptic yesterday, check out this on-site coverage:

Good times.

Allahpundit says that there is "absolutely no security, whatsoever" at the Capitol building as of last night and a huge protest is slated for today. Many conservatives are warning to stay away from the site due to the possibility of violence (there are reports of vandalism last night, too). I urge those that make it out there today (tea partiers, conservatives) to please, please, please be careful and more importantly -- videotape the miscreants in action!

I'll be away from the computer all day so be sure to check out Pundit and Pundette, Gateway Pundit, Scared Monkeys and The Other McCain for coverage of the goings-on in Wisconsin.

Discussion at Memeorandum, here, here.

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