Wisconsin Capital: Leftist Protestors' 7.5 Million-Dollar Carbon Footprint

Image: Trash left behind after Obama's inauguration, Washington DC

by the Left Coast Rebel

Well, it's not really a carbon footprint on display at the Wisconsin capital, rather it's a trash and lack-of-respect for property rights liberal (carbon) footprint. Let's not it forget folks: leftists, collectivists, statists, socialists, far-left union nuts are all motivated by an overarching central theme: entitlement.

There's a Worldview That Separates us

In the case of the "I am entitled to a lavish lifestyle and retirement by way of your paycheck" aka the Wisconsin union protest; the price tab to clean up their anti-social behavior is a staggering $7.5 million dollars.

I can't think of a better example of the moral difference between conservatives, libertarians, constitutionalists and tea-partiers and the miscreants on the left. When you see conservatives and libertarians converge onto an area, they typically don't leave a carbon footprint (or mountains of trash) behind. They clean up after themselves, because they -- for the most part -- respect the property rights of their fellow citizens and even the government that they loathe so much. Leftists don't.

Warning: Traffic Ahead

It reminds me of a point that my fellow San Diego blogger/liberty activist friend Shane Atwell made in the comments at LCR about bad drivers. Bad drivers (those that lack respect and common courtesy) are often liberal statists, fascists or socialists (I know, that's redundant). They own the road (in their eyes), are entitled to their lane, speed, and otherwise and have have the right to drive like a flaming jerk simply because they were born and woke up that day (albeit at 10 a.m.). A refresher course from ages ago at LCR: leftists are not open-minded, either.

How dare you get in my way!

How dare you insist that I follow the same laws that you have to! I am entitled. It's my right.

The same hideous, anti-social ethos (or anti-ethos) extends from the roadways to a 'protest' destination, trashing (literally) property and ultimately picking the meat off the bones of your paycheck and the nation's balance sheet. They are entitled to everything simply because they have a pulse and we are bankrupt both morally and financially as a result.

How do we change this dynamic? Cut 'em off the government teat. Force accountability and respect for your neighbor and your neighbor's property. An empty stomach is a great motivator, even for a silver-spoon-in-the-mouth liberal.

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  1. Hypocrites. That $$$$ used to cleanup after them could have been used to better their community and their city's bank account. Very sad. The left has some 'splaining to do!

  2. I'm seeing a pattern here...

  3. Statist nihilism inevitably leaves death and destruction in its wake.

  4. Why does this not surprise me coming from groups that are only looking out for there own selfish interests.

    Thanks for cross-posting this at The Libertarian Patriot.

  5. Check your facts.. The Wisconsin Capital was not trashed.. On the contrary, the protesters have been both respectful and peaceful in their actions. The Tea Party folks and Fox News have reported exaggerated nonsense and it boggles my mind that any of you actually believe any of it. Judging by the posts, however, I am inclined to believe most of you to be under the same delusion as the rest of the right: that your billionaire front 'organizations' have any interest in you or the future of this country. Bargaining rights in this country are not 'entitlements' or 'stealing from your checks'. People have the right to organize and get together to work with employers. You want your children to read well? Who teaches them? You want nice roads? Who builds and maintains them? You want criminals caught? Who catches them and administers justice (besides your 2nd amendment remedies)? The bottom line is that the Governor of Wisconsin is trying to divide the state, pitting them against each other so that they don't have a unified voice when the real storm comes. The protesters see this. If you don't, then think about it before griping about it.

  6. Luke: I totally disagree, stick around the site, I would like to see a good debate between you and the readership here!


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