Why Libya?

By Chris W
The Libertarian Patriot

Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya (somehow I thought that Iran would be next), but why? Libya has not attacked us and Congress has not declared war, so other than the sole purpose of regime change there is no explanation for us to get involved in a civil war of a sovereign nation.

Granted, Gadhafi is a despot and has committed great atrocities against his people but this is not our fight. Nor is it the problem of France, England or Canada. If the Saudis or the rest of the Arab League and Gulf Cooperation Council want to do something about the turmoil in their backyard, let them deal with it, they have the money and weapons.

Of course the war hawks are all too happy to get involved in enforcing the no-fly zone, but that is just them dipping their to in the water. Next they will say we need to supply ground troops to help in the humanitarian clean-up effort should (when) Gadhafi is deposed, followed by a protracted occupation of a peacekeeping force to maintain order.

Nothing is to be gained by our intervention into the affairs of another nation, especially in Libya where we have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Think of it from the perspective of the enemies we already have in the region; once again the US is invading another Muslim nation in order to overthrow the country's legitimate government.

When are we going to learn that our interventionist foreign policy of supporting dictators that kowtow to us and invading the ones that do not, only gives further impetus to the Islamists who's defeat should be our only agenda.

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  1. I think this war is a huge mistake. Obama has let himself get suckered inmto a no win sittutation because bombingwon't be enough to get rid of Khadafi.

  2. I remind all of Animal Farm and the closing words of this great literary work...

    "No question now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which."

    So true.

  3. I totally agree too, Chris. The "protecting civilians" is a ludicrous justification for this action as well. I have a very, very, bad feeling about our involvement in Libya.

    Great excerpt too, Les!

  4. In this time where very little makes sense, we need more men like Ron Paul to remind us what our constitution allows our govt to do! Problem is, "We the people" have little control over the actions of it. Yet "we the people" are the ones that other nations are angry with... not those that are truly responsible!

  5. John

    "We the People" are the ones that continue to send the men and women that run the government to DC, so in reality we are the ones responsible.

    The sad fact is that the majority of the sheeple don't want Leviathan to stay within it's Constitutional limits and have no interest in it being reined in.

  6. Chris, I am currently in Germany and the attitude at times towards a US citizen is not very good.
    What have I to do with the decision of Obama and the UN?
    And isn't the mainstream media responsible in a major way for promoting the empty suit?(Obama)And look at how They downplay someone like Ron Paul...
    I for one take no responsibility for the actions of our govt! Especially when it takes action in Iraq, Afghanistan or any other place in the last 50 years without a congressional vote!

  7. John

    Those us us here in the states still bear the responsibility. We elect the POTUS and Congress and if they are taking unconstitutional actions it is up to us to send them on the way to other employment.

    It's also too easy to blame the LSM for promoting or not promoting candidates. After all the mediots are in the pocket of the real king-makers and are just doing what they are told. It is the responsibility of the people to think for themselves and do their own due diligence by researching candidates on their own and not rely on sound-bites that they are spoon fed on TV.

    It all falls on the people and if we just sit back, say we have no control over the situation and and let the chips fall where they may, it is our negligence that let the events happen. To quote one of my favorite bands, "if you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice."

    I still have faith, albeit very little, in our republican form of government but it requires the citizens to be active participants in the process, not sit on the sidelines and complain that it is beyond their power control.


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