When Social Media Backfire: Ask Dems

Nancy Pelosi asked her tweeps to participate in a twitter town hall meeting on Thursday to discuss the GOP budget. Hilarious hijinks ensued:

We have over two dozen Members of Congress answering questions on Twitter RIGHT NOW! Join us by asking via #askdems ~ RepMikeHonda

[pregnant pause]

[sound of keyboards clicking]

Where's my f*cking ObamaCare waiver? #AskDems ~ vodkapundit

[snickering and snorting across the fruited plain]

If you could destroy just one private sector industry with cap and trade, what would it be and why? #AskDems ~ EstablishmentDC

Have you lost weight? Your caucus looks so much smaller! #AskDems ~ vodkapundit

Nancy Pelosi: Do you still believe unemployment is the engine of the economy, or would that be bailouts? Or both? #puzzled #askdems ~ runedart

When you say everyone with pre-existing conditions is covered under Obamacare, does this include Michael Moore? #AskDems ~ EstablishmentDC

#AskDems Why is obama upping my gas prices? ~ SCMcDonnell

If you could flee-bag to any state, which one would it be? #AskDems ~ EstablishmentDC

Are there any upcoming bills we need to pass so we can see what's in them? #AskDems~vodkapundit

#AskDems Have you found out EVERYTHING in ObamaCare yet? ~ JRios68

I own a Prius but the windmill add-on destabilizes it during high winds? What do you recommend I do? #AskDems ~ EstablishmentDC

#AskDems How would you feel today if Scott Walker strutted through protesters with a giant gavel and proclaimed "We Won"? ~ hleecarr

Why are you suddenly silent about the "tone" in politics? Why are you silent about the WI unions? #AskDems ~ JewelsJungle

Is it a coincidence that the national debt, federal spending, and unemployment all climbed to record highs at the same time? #AskDems ~ ErickaAndersen

Now That You've Been Caught Double Counting, When Will You Admit Obamacare Will Bankrupt America? Or Is That The Plan? #AskDems ~ Papatul

#AskDems - Politely asking the right to stop flooding us with your conspiracy theory questions. ~ konquererz

…you passed Obamacare, Nancy Pelosi, why do unions need to worry about medical benefits? #AskDems ~ presjpolk

#AskDems Why don't you push for the DOJ to have the Obamacare suits fast tracked to the Supreme Court. Uncertainty is hurting economy ~ ConservativeInd

Math question for #AskDems: Are the $500B "savings" in ObamaCare going to save Medicare or fund the health care law? #DoubleCounting ~ RepShimkus

When the government is running over a $1.5 Trillion deficit, why do you think $4.7 billion is a serious effort at deficit reduction? #AskDems ~ Rschrim

#AskDems You said 10 years ago it wasn't worth drilling for new oil because it would take 10 years to get it. Did you all fail math? ~ jim_riley

#AskDems Gas prices have increased 67% over the last two years, why are we not using our own resources to create jobs and bring prices down? ~ stacy_mott

Why didn't you pass a budget last year? #AskDems ~ SamValley

How did last month's $223 billion in new debt help the economy? #AskDems ~ vodkapundit

Where are the jobs? #AskDems ~ SusanAnneHiller

When Americans are tightening their belts at home, isn't it time for the federal gov't to do the same? #AskDems ~ DarrellIssa

[awkward silence]

Thanks everyone for participating in today's #AskDems Twitter Town Hall! ~ HouseDemocrats


Dems ask Dems...

#AskDems Will Congress punish companies that refuse to hire those who are unemployed? This is immoral as well as thwarting recovery. ~ NealRauhauser

#AskDems PLease stand up to the Republicans Insane CUTS say NO as in NO CUTS ~ garak99

#AskDems Why do third world countries have better health care than the United States? ~martian_mandi

Majority of Americans want to keep funding PBS, NPR, public schools & tax increases on top 5% earners.Will u do this? #AskDems ~ cyn3matic

We should take care of @DarrellIssa in 2012 for his insolence here today in #AskDems. Want to help? ~ NealRauhauser

#AskDems Why is it when we to help the bottom 90% of the population, it's 'Class Warfare' but when we help the top 2%, it's 'Free Market'? ~ VelouriasWorld

1950s tax rate on the rich was over 90%. Can we get it back to 50% at least? #AskDems ~ drst

We are losing our intellectual footing in the world. Do you have a plan to defend increased science funding? #AskDems ~ x63x77

#AskDems Why did Prez cave on cuts for wealthy by 70 billion? Sure, coincidence that GOP is cutting services by 70 billion a few months l8r. ~ TroJoe

#AskDems How will democrats explain away their failure to pass #dreamact FYI blaming on republicans will not work #accountablity ~ DreamAct

House Dems Respond:

Darrell Issa, perhaps removing the tax cuts for the rich should be the type of tightening we should do. #AskDems ~ RepJimMcDermott

#AskDems Need to start by cutting giveaways to big oil ask we are gouged at pump ~ PaulTonko

Dems agree we must cut spending but not investments that #create jobs in 14% of budget. We must look @ entire budget #AskDems ~ WhipHoyer

Poor people aren't organized & don't give to political campaigns. That's why I support public financing of campaigns #AskDems ~ RepJimMcDermott


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