Viva La Tea Party!: Rand Paul Grills Obama Enegy Official on the Left's Hypocrisy over Consumer Choice

by the Left Coast Rebel

Could any United States senator sum up the overbearing Federal Leviathan death-grip on every one of our lives any better than Senator Rand Paul? Watch this and let me know what you think.

"Frankly my toilets just don't work in my house..."

"You busybodies always want to do something to tell us how to live our lives better -- keep it to yourselves..."

Simply awesome -- Rand Paul is right. The Federal government has overstepped its boundaries in every corner of the nation that it touches with it's insidious tentacles. King George III's oppression of the British colonies in America doesn't even hold a candle to what our own government does on a daily basis. More and more Americans realize this and we need to keep shouting it from the rooftops to get our nation back on track.

Elections have consequences and we need just about 50 more just like Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate. This man alone personifies why our hard work for the 2010 election was worth it.

This video should be a rallying cry for the Tea Party movement, if there ever was one.

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  1. Another glaring problem with all of this new environmental regulation is that most of it is subsidized through taxation, often an excise tax. For example, SDGE customers in San Diego County pay an exise tax on their monthly bills to subsidize CFLs and government discounted upgrade or retrofit programs. There is not enough demand for many of these products, in Rand Paul's example, the toilets are substandard but many of them were installed due to government regulation, imagine the cost to not just homeowners, but business owners, schools etc. when repairs and subsequent replacement was necessary due to a poor product that was forced onto the marketplace by government bureaucrats.


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