(VIDEO) San Francisco Moonbats go Apocalyptic over Gamestop/THQ Red Balloon Release

by the Left Coast Rebel

If only Rice-A-Roni leftists were even remotely as concerned about our vanishing liberties and subjugation to an all-powerful, intrusive, crushing Federal Leviathan as they are about a video game company releasing red balloons to hype a game release.

TGDaily.com has the story:

A PR stunt went badly wrong for games developer THQ this week when a mass balloon release caused outrage amongst environmentalists.

The company released 10,000 red balloons as part of a 'mock rally' at the Game Developers' Conference in San Francisco. It was promoting the launch of Homefront, set in the near future in a world in which the US has been invaded by North Korea.

The balloons were meant to simulate a method used by South Korea to send messages of hope to the North - although they carried nothing more edifying than an advertisement and special offer from the

GameStop video game store. But instead of floating towards an oppressed population, they drifted out to sea en masse.

Local environmental groups criticized the stunt, saying it represented a threat to local wildlife. Rod Fujita, a senior oceans scientist for the Environmental Defense Fund, told the San Francisco Chronicle he was 'flabbergasted'.

Phew. Look. It's not that I don't think that a stunt like this is a bad idea (or stupid) but the point is that the Bay Area liberals that are so incredibly upset over this (and equivalent non-issues) are also big fans of Socialism, Che Guevera, Command and Control and an Omnipotent State. They scream from their ivory towers at red balloons but cheer-on the forfeiture of our precious, dwindling freedoms.

"Oh my Gaia, someone needs to go to prison for this!," says the Frisco-leftist donning a Che Guevera t-shirt, hawking Marxist/Leninist ideology, and, at the same time, screaming at the top of his/her lungs about the evils of Capitalism and our Racist Imperial Nation.

Only in California. Only in San Francisco.

Someone shot this video from a high rise building in downtown San Francisco, showing some of the red balloons floating by:

Hat-tip Google Trends. The Los Angeles Times has more.

Updated: THQ's Homefront is based upon an interesting premise: the North Korean invasion of a weakened United States. Although that fictional scenario's possibility is less than remote (and a scenario equally apocalyptic at the hands of our own government's mismanagement of entitlements is very possible), it sounds interesting and the game looks quite awesome:

I think I'll grab the demo for Homefront on Xbox Live and float some red balloons in San Diego to celebrate...

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