(VIDEO) Domestic Terrorist/Obama Friend Bill Ayers Wrote Dreams of my Father?

by the Left Coast Rebel

Bill Ayers is making headlines again, this time (again) whoring-out headlines by claiming that he wrote Obama's Dreams of my Father. This is nothing new -- if I recall correctly -- and seemingly (in my opinion) just another attempt by this moonbat commie former Obama buddy (sorry, I know that is redundant and vague) to get his 20 seconds of fame. Here's recent video shot at Montclair State University wherein Ayers makes the Dreams of my Father claim:

Did Ayers really write Obama's book? We'll never know. What is known, however is that Obama declared his higher office candidacy in Bill Ayers home and the two had other connections as well, dating back to Obama's radical past with community agitating and ACORN.

I'm sure the White House is not too happy to see this idiot running around the country making these claims as well.

Do you think that Bill Ayers wrote O's book? The fact that we even have to ask the question tells us how much trouble we are (and have been) in.

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  1. This video is eerily like one I saw a while back. Are we sure this is from 2011?

  2. One thing I am virtually certain of; Obama didn't write it anymore than Hillary wrote her books.

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  4. Good stuff boss, I read somewhere the book has entire passages that are obviously Ayers' style, almost identical to his previous works and nothing like Obummer would have written- I myself am indeed conviced he wrote a significant portion of it, he's the one who launched Obama's career in his living room after all.

    I forget where I saw it, but seemed and open and shut case when reading it

  5. Although it seems pretty clear that Ayers is joking in the video here, I've never seen any evidence to suggest that Obama has the intellectual horsepower needed to write a well-written book.

  6. RightKlik, obviously you have not read Dreams. It is almost a cut-n-paste job from the Ku Klux Klan. It is a racist screed written by a moron.


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