Tsunami and Earthquake Updates 3.11.2011: LIVE LOCAL VIDEO; Japan, Hawaii, U.S. West Coast, Russia; Massive 8.9 Quake; Hundreds of Bodies

Devastation in Japan

PTWC: Honolulu Harbor expecting a 3-foot wave; Haleiwa 6.6 feet; Hilo 6.2 feet...

Scope of Japan's tragedy is mounting. Police find hundreds of bodies in one coastal area.

NUCLEAR SCARE: ** "Very concerned Japan" has declared nuclear emergency after attempts to cool reactor at northern plant are 'not going as planned' **

List of estimated tsunami arrival times for locations along the North American Pacific coast

Tsunami sirens go off in Oregon

Terrifying devastation in Japan...

CNN reporter Kyung Lah: What you're finding in Tokyo is "complete system paralysis." people are huddling in subway stations.

"Massive 8.9 quake"

The 8.9 earthquake in Japan ranks as the 5th strongest ever recorded, 8,000 times bigger than one that rocked Christchurch last month.

Tsunami carries away ship with 100 people on board, Miyagi police tell Kyodo News

Japan government official says technicians are currently unable to pump water to cool reactor at a nuclear power plant in the country.

Government declares state of emergency regarding possible radiation leak at Fukushima nuclear power plant

"Tsunami moving 800 km/hr"

Hundreds dead...

Tsunami warnings also issued for Hawaii, Guam, the Philippines, the Marshall Islands, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Nauru, Micronesia and Russia...

Twenty countries under warning (MAP)

Tsunami warning for parts of west U.S. coast after quake in Japan

Hawaii orders evacuations in tsunami threat

Video of cars, ships wrecked by tsunami waves after Japan earthquake:


Twitter Feed: Tsunami

Twitter Feed: Earthquake




  1. Its really very sad and heart breaking news yesterday for me.Cant digest how much feet it went high and i can pray for those who are really in trouble as well as pray for the ones who are dead.. A great console to all families.We mothers website, all family members pray to god for their well being really feel sad for japan families..


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