Texas Burrito Inflation Standoff

by the Left Coast Rebel

What do you get when you mix violence, Obamunism-induced food inflation and the entitlement mentality taken to an extreme?

San Antonio's ABC 5 News:

SAN ANTONIO, Tex. - A Taco Bell customer was so upset about his order that police said he opened fire inside the restaurant.

Texas police said the man was so angry that the seven burritos he ordered went up in price that he fired an air gun at a Taco Bell worker, and later fired an assault rifle at officers.

The man then barricaded himself in a hotel room and a standoff lasted for three hours. Then officers used tear gas on him to remove him from the hotel room.

"When the suspect is not communicating with you, you have no idea what they are thinking on the other side," said Sgt. Chris Benavides. "So, we take every pre-caution possible and that's why at times we'll let it draw out for several hours."

He's being charged with three counts of attempted capital murder. His name has not been released.

What do you think this guy's defense will be?


  1. I'm not even comfortable laughing at this one. People are snapping, man; they are seriously snapping. That makes all of us a little less safe every day.

  2. I can just imagine the media spin on this one... "Crazed teabagger angry with Mexican fires assault rifle"...


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