Tea Partiers to Clean up Leftist Mess at Wisconsin Capitol

by the Left Coast Rebel

This week we covered the story that the cost of damage, filth and wreckage left behind by leftists camped-out in the Capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin far exceeded the seven figure range.

Good news today though, Tea Partiers are donating their time and dollars to clean up the mess:

Recommendations for Tea Party patriots embarking upon the cleanup effort:

  • Please wear Hazmat suits. One can only wonder what kinds of bacteria, viruses, drug paraphernalia (needles?), and other unmentionables that may be need to be disposed of.
  • Consider vaccinating yourselves before you begin the work.
  • Log your hours. Unions would demand union-scale wage compensation for the effort. You should too. Also, brace yourselves: Wisconsin Union Sanitation Workers may claim that you took jobs and work away from them and may sue you.
  • Consolidate the trash into one pile, preferably away from the capitol building. Is there as much (or more) trash than leftists leave behind at Earth Day 'celebrations' or Obama's 2008 inauguration (a tough act to follow, considering they left 100 + tons)?
  • Film the effort. Make a documentary that highlights the filth and lack-of-respect for property.

Updated: Clifton Another Black Conservative notes that the Facebook page set up by the Tea Partiers involved with the cleanup went viral and cleanup began ahead of schedule this morning! Check out Another Black Conservative for more.

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  1. Wow. This is brilliant. What a way to illustrate the lefts abuse and elitist attitude than doing the work they left behind. Wow…Just…wow…

  2. Let's not hold our breath waiting for the MSM to cover story...


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